Indians GC phobia

Green Card Phobia or FEVER

Indians on H-1B and in green card line daily go to work and do the first thing is, check their green card status in trackit websites and other websites.

Attorneys and some Indian youtubers copy paste attorney websites and keep this GC fever levels high with their speculative news to attract the Indians waiting for gc indefinitely in the USA.

Here are the messages sent by followers today.

Some subscribers called and asked for advise on how to move from EB3 to EB2 or EB2 to EB3 etc. KE helped them in drafting letter and advise them to pass it to their single man mom and pop IT consultancies. If EB3 is slow, people jump into EB2 and vice versa.

These are WhatsApp circulation among Indian community in the USA today.

These are WhatsApp circulation among Indian community in the USA today.

These are WhatsApp circulation among Indian community in the USA today.

These are WhatsApp circulation among Indian community in the USA today.

These are WhatsApp circulation among Indian community in the USA today.

These are WhatsApp circulation among Indian community in the USA today.


American followers wrote:  the hysteria over green cards is out of control. People need to relax.


600,000 Indians H-1B,H4: get 485 GCEAD, President Trump’s EO August 10, 2020 || Kumar Exclusive


Green card is a trap by #bodyshops or H-1B petitioners. Especially Indians do not get it in EB2 and EB3.

That’s why those who got it, they are very arrogant and bossy, not all but only a majority.

You can get an appointment with President of USA if you try but you cannot get an appointment with these Indians who has a green card. That headstrong people.

A subscriber’s views.

KUMAR EXCLUSIVE Yes that is my understanding. Yes, except 7% cap. They just can not give out 600K green cards as the limit is 140K year for employee based GC. This year it would be around 250K as spill over from other categories. So every country will get 17.5K GC. And EAD is very risky as you have to renew every 1-2 years.

Basically what I think with some knowledge of immigration. This has nothing to do with GC allocation. Only two ways it will change. If they remove country cap from 7% or give out 1 million GC just in work category. S386 is almost dead. And I think it will expire Jan 5th 2021. Senate will go on break for couple of weeks this month and then 1 week next month and 2 weeks in Dec. And once S386 expires. They have to introduce a new bill, with new number lets say S387. Which then again have to pass through congress then senate. Which will take at least 2-4 years. To increase the GC, I believe same process. First Congress have to pass the bill than Senate. And there is no bill to increase the GC in the process right now. This change of date is only to “Apply” and stand in line for GC. Also, I read some where in the “HEROS ACT” stimulus bill has a clauses, which says the spill over numbers should not happen. So, if HEROS ACT gets pass, the date which got forwarded might revert it back. Also, congress has not passed this forward date so not sure what it is. More over US lawyers will not let that happen as they make millions every year in renewing these visas and also USCIS make millions in this process. If they give out GC to every one, the revenue will get lost. ( I am NOT an immigration lawyer or have any professional background. This is just my personal observation. So, make sure you double check this information )

KUMAR EXCLUSIVE 7% cap is still there. Regardless, which path you chose. They CAN NOT give more than 7% GC to any country. That would be against the law. Actually, this will help other countries.

KUMAR EXCLUSIVE I recently came to know, these IT companies cheat you big time

KUMAR EXCLUSIVE I checked some of your other videos and seems like you do a good research before you make a video. Most of them you talked about what is happening. I suggest, you create a twitter account and post these over there. You will have million followers. It will help people like me. You doing a really good job.

$10 million = $ 1 Crore = Rs. 70 Crores. They send all that money to India and build houses and other things. They don’t spend a penny here. They made billions with this fraud. They have masters not in STEM but in Cheating.

H1 B employers are like female Mantis. A female mantis breaks the head off from a male Mantis, have her business with him and eat the rest of the body. Good analogy there. 🙂

Subscriber’s reaction:

It is very disheartened to hear about the new visa bulletin releases in October. There is no word called “JUSTICE” remaining in this world. Instead Justice word should be replaced by “FAKE/FRAUD”

The saddest thing to hear is that the EB3 date has moved amazingly fast. Now people around 600K who came on fake and fraud documents till now who do not even have 10th standard basic knowledge and are the product of these fake body shops will get green cards. Once they get green cards, they will start their own body shops. I really feel bad for the true Americans born in this soil fighting to stay in their own country. Earlier Britishers conquered India. Now India conquered the US. I strongly feel the US really needs Independence from Indians. It looks like it is a never-ending cycle.

Now, crime will increase to the power of these 600K in the US. Looks like authorities issuing visas and GC are sold out. God only should help Americans and save from Indians.

Subscriber’s reaction:

If Indians are producing fake and fraud resumes or degrees and doing IT jobs as dandas, what will US politicians can do.If Indians does not have ethics and does not have basic 10th std knowledge and just have greediness to earn money (which is equal to the land mafia business and equal to earning money by doing murders), then what can US politicians can do.

Indians who came with fake or fraud profiles and degrees need to realise that they are sucking blood of Amricans and snatching food from plates of Americans and feeding their stomach and feeding their children too and not realising that bad karma is hitting back to them in terms if accidents, death and problems to themselves and their families.

Throwing blame on politicians is so easy just like throwing blame on terrorists and on other nations when fault is within ourselves.Be human by first stop doing fraud and fake degrees and resumes.Atleast show humanity to people who are born in their own country.These are basic human manners which our parents taught during childhood and which everyone forgot including the parents who taught us.

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