Montana to Massachusetts

Montana to Massachusetts


Montana to Massachusetts

Its 3000 miles a great experience while driving through several states. For the first 500miles, I felt like driving in Space as I do not see anything. Later it was fun, interest, painful sometimes and pleasure in driving. North Dakota-Minnesota-Minneapolis-Wisconsin-Michigan-Ohio-PA-NJ-NYC-MA. Overall, I love to drive in Montana though I did not come across single car on

highways except big trucks carry mines material, no cell phone service&deers

crossing roads, prepared to apply sudden breaks couple of times during nights

and early in the morning. Montana is incredibly beautiful among the highway drive next

to Wyoming.

Driving in Chicago&Chicago-Detriot highway is scary due to rash driving

with 80-90 miles speed just like traffic in Delhi, India. Secondly lots of

traffic jams near New York/New Jersey interstate connections/diversions.

It’s thrilling experience of driving from one end to another/cross country in USA

but if I hit any project in Montana, no doubt I love to drive back because of beauty

in Montana; sunrise, sunset every day, Yellow stone and Glacier National Park. On

top of it, life is peaceful in Helena though it is very cold there and only 7

Indian families living there, compared to life & traffic in east coast, I do not

see any difference btw North of India and east coast of USA in terms of traffic

and driving.

Here are some of the tips followed, advised by my friend:

–       Be cool and do not be rush on the roads, there is nothing in the universe that cannot wait

–       Maintain the gaps between the cars on free ways

–       Do not cross +5 of speed limit

–       Take more quick breaks, when you take it, wash your face with cold water and have a cup of coffee

–       Target for 700 miles /day, that should be good enough

        (I drove 800 miles a day (5am to 9/10pm)

–       When the weather conditions are bad, take a break

–       Have good food, enough blankets to survive in car if get struck on highways, torches, candles, lighter

All the best and have a safe trip

** Call a friend at destination and inform if you drive alone before you start.

** I wrote and kept emergency contacts number in USA/India to contact if I meet any accident and kept this paper pasted next to my car seat.

The Real Story Starts from here.

Thursday, October 28 2010 Client name XYZ, Helena, Montana after grand farewell party by client, I have started my journey at 2PM Mountain Daylight Time Zone(MDT) to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania to drive 2600 miles to attend an in person interview with the client PENDOT, PA. (vendor SAGE IT did not tell the F2F interview got cancelled)

I have prepared a week ahead of this, but it was postponed to Thursday instead of Saturday due to pressure from the Indian vendor. After traveled 50miels on to US highway, I got a call from my employer. He asked me; Hello Kumar, “Did you get a call from the vendor from PA?” I replied No and he communicated the message that the in-person interview was got cancelled and I do not need to drive in hurry to reach PA. Instead he helped/advised me to come to company guest house located in New Jersey (same distance) and hanged up the phone. I was collapsed for a moment, but I was in driving the car at 85miles speed on 75miles speed limit US HIGHWAY in single lane. In Montana there was no speed limit earlier and due to frequent accidents on highways they imposed 75miles speed limit and whereas it is 65miles in other states. For a moment I do not know what to do and I controlled the car and took a U turn though it is not advisable and stopped at nearby GAS station. I stopped the car ignition and I was sitting in the car and I do not have sense to open the door and lock it to get or fetch a black coffee. I was thinking if someone either come or takes me out of the car or someone can bring a cup of black coffee to my car. But it is Montana, I have googled it before I relocate to this state from NC state. It is one of the fourth largest state in USA and one of the coldest states and less populated state i.e. one million. You rarely see people pass by.  Finally, I got off from the car, went inside the gas station coffee store and requested the store manager Can I use rest room? And he has showed the way. I rushed to rest room and washed my face with deadly cold water, and I realize or recollect what I heard from my employer. But still it looks like unconscious state and slowly walked to fetch a glass or cup of black coffee (Which I love to drink here). I paid 75 cents to coffee and get into the car. I called my friend to seek the advice either to proceed the journey towards east coast or west, back to Helena for night stay. He advised me to continue the journey as already left the state capital. I suppose to work on Friday also, but I took loss of pay and started early to reach by Monday to face the client interview or to cover the 2600 miles distance all alone. I have re-started/resume my journey by feeding NJ company guest house in GPS(these days, phone can be used as GPS) and my face is full of tears that were dropping from eyes and napkins got over in the car. Then I understood that I should stop crying and concentrate on driving and look at the beauty of Montana. Finally, I traveled 350 miles till 9PM MDT and stopped at a MOTEL on highway. This is for the first time I get into MOTEL in USA because for safety and security reasons, I preferred to stay in HOTELS than to MOTELS. I have requested them a room and finally I paid for a room and got the keys. The room is small with no room heater and its very cold inside. As I have no choice and I prepared to stay there and ate little chips and water as dinner. I kept an alarm at 4AM MDT and went to bed but I cried uncontrollably for one hour by recollecting the morning incident and I was little scared to drive all alone rest of 2250 miles. I have dialed couple of times my poor wife, who lives in central part of India which is partially ruled by Maoists and phones work on and off. Fortunately, that night the call got connected and I spoke to her two minutes as usual and conveyed the message and I went to bed.

The alarm was ringing at 4AM and I wake up and stopped the alarm and wake from bed and was ready by 4.45AM MDT. My target is to drive the car onto highway by 5AM MDT hence I started the ignition to get the engine heat, seat etc. I packed my stuff and left the key inside and locked the door as advised my Motel manager the previous night and get into the car. I was thirst for a cup of black coffee and after I drive few miles, I stopped for a coffee. Again, I have started my journey and I was about to hit the deer and as you know Montana was famous for deer which cross highways frequently. It was dark and fortunately I was able to manage it and dropped the sudden breaks and all the stuff in the seat next to me was fell down and everything in car went here and there. As its highway, I could not stop in the middle of it and that too it was narrow single lane highway. I drove until I see sunrise and I topped for a coffee again to re pack the car as well. I went inside the coffee Shoppe and due to its location, there were no gas stations and there are separate coffee Shoppe. The lady inside asked me “Are you a truck driver?” I said no. She replied me again, saying that you do not look like a truck driver and mostly here trucks only travel from here to Wyoming State, hence I got a question, she replied. I did not understand now, but I was little eager for my cup of coffee.  She cleaned my coffee big cup and filled it up and I paid 75 cents which is half price compared to east coast. I started my journey and it was a beautiful sunrise and I was amazed to see and drive opposite to it. After drove, some distance I have entered Wyoming State and I was shocked to no cars on highway except big truck that carry mines stuff. Then I have recollected what the lady in coffee Shoppe asked me a question. My cell phone sprint network shows no network and I drove almost 500 miles without seeing any car on the highway and it almost looks like driving in space as I do not see anything means anything. I was scared when my satellite radio also stops working after some time and it was scary if my car gets off the road and anything happens to me. Fortunately, I entered South Dakota and I saw the first car and I felt happy and I even see a sign with subway. I rushed inside the subway and ordered foot long veggie sandwich without cheese and without meat and requested her to cut into four pieces and the last piece is my dinner whenever I finish it. I felt so happy because that was probably my first good meal after Thursday.

After refill, the car with gas, I have started my journey and stopped at rest area as I was expecting a client technical telephone interview. I was waited for the call and answered it for 40 minutes. I was scared to sit even in car also because it’s not advisable in USA to sleep/sit in car for long time in rest areas as you never know who come and hit you or anything many happens in rest area. Fortunately, nothing was happened and after the interview I have started my journey thru MN State and reached to a hotel this time as I was scared to stay or sleep in Motel the previous night. As usual I kept an alarm at 4AM and started my journey at 5AM and reached my friend’s place in Chicago, IL for lunch. It was happy to see them and after had brief interaction and project search, I have started my journey to Detroit, MI. After I left my friend’s house, I stopped at gas station and re filed the tank. I suppose to visit a friend in Downtown who is on a visit to USA from India. But I called him and said I cannot drive in Chicago traffic as it is like pain in butt. I have started my journey to Michigan state but I was shocked to know that the speed limits in city are 35-40miles per hour and mostly all drivers are driving at 70-80miles speed in four lanes highway with toll gates. My friend advised me not to miss the toll gate to pay but exactly at the same toll gate I missed to stop and pay due to heavy traffic, I could not even imagine changing lanes. OMG (Oh my god) I am lucky nothing was happened, and I was come out of Chicago. The pain was not ended there, mostly all of them are driving at 80-90 miles per hour from Chicago to Detroit highway and I was also maintained the same for six hours without stop for rest room. Finally, I reached Detroit, Mi to my sister’s house. I took a night halt and I have started my journey to New jersey the next day as usual.  After reaching New jersey, I got selected for a short project for 36 hours and I have started driving to Boston, MA and the target is to attend 5.30PM EST conference call with all the team members across the globe is called 24 X 7 Operations through multiple-shifts/follow-the-sun model. I got unnumbered calls from many whether I can reach on time or not. Fortunately, with New Jersey-New York-Boston (first time drivers not easy this route) traffic like Chicago – Detroit highway traffic. After six hours nonstop drive, I parked the car in parking lot in concord, Sybase and went inside to do security formalities. Someone accompanied and he was Project manager, and the call was just started. They were all discussing who needs to do what. During the call, the dinner was completed by all, a veggie sand witch again but not with meat and cheese. I took some time to separate both and eat only veggie part. After the 45 minutes call, the work started in datacenters till 2 AM EST. Then I left for Hotel and completed the check in formalities and just fell on the bed. I woke up at 6AM EST and 8AM EST again I was at work same location and by evening 6PM EST, I have completed the task which was assigned to me. I have celebrated a party myself i.e. good food and cup of Takila in a good restaurant next to hotel. I came to hotel and slept that night and I have started my six hours journey again from Boston- New York- New Jersey. I have analyzed what I did in Boston project and I have recollected couple of important technical stuff and added in my resume for my next project search and submitted for couple of jobs and got a call from a client n Phillipsburg, NJ and got selected. The client invited me for a F2F (face to face) interview and I got selected and joined in Project of AD migrations.

Many people do not know that they are bidding projects.

Continue in the future for the remaining post. Thanks for reading this. KE.

Indians only travel cross countries for cents like this but not Americans. Hence America needs cheap foreign labor workers and bodyshops mint huge money on them. THe illegal middle layers and layers make huge profits of these Indian slaves.





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