Caste-based atrocities in India

Caste-based atrocities in India

I follow your channel (Kumar Exclusive). Although I am not an NRI, your channel does give me a lot of insight into the life of an average Indian American. In the video of ” Chowdary AKA Kamma”

, you’ve mentioned that they (kammas) justify their criminal activities by pointing out to the Reservation system in India. You might’ve found that surprising and disgusting at the same time when you heard the narrative for the first time.

It might be surprising for people like you, but it is an everyday reality in India. Every upper caste person justifies his/her criminal activities in India by pointing out to the Indian reservation system (which came into existence because of historical oppression practiced against Dalits and Adivasis). I’m a Dalit. I’m neither proud nor embarrassed by my identity as I can’t have control over such centuries-old caste system.

Many people treat us as free loaders without even thinking of the abuse of human dignity our forefathers went through. Even though I want to become OC like everybody else, can anybody guarantee that this discrimination would stop? I mean there’s no need of bringing reservation system into narrative for them to commit their crimes (and that too in a foreign land). The honour killing which happened in Miryalaguda (the murder of Pranay by his wife’s father) is a testament to that barbaric mindset which is still prevalent in our society. You mentioned just Chowdaries, while many upper caste people hesitate to accept Dalits/ Adivasis as mainstream population.

It’s not just about OC, BC, SC or ST: people in general aren’t interested in celebrating the basic essence of rich human life and its various forms of intelligence. But, still my people (Dalits/ Adivasis) are living with a lot of hope and belief that tomorrow is going to be a better day. Some of them even forgot that incidents like Tsundur, Karamchedu took place in Andhra Pradesh. They’ve been deceived by both the Congress (present day YSRCP) and TDP.

I don’t judge people for abusing the reservation system as India is a developing country and the availability of jobs is very less. But sometimes people treat lower caste people as less intelligent human beings without even giving a second of thought. How can anybody judge a person based upon caste or the marks obtained? I’ve fared better marks than my upper caste peers in so many tests. Both my spoken and written skills (in English) are better than anybody else in my class.

Even if I try to be morally upright, people around me take it as a sign of lower IQ. I find that disturbing as people here take shortcut to easy money as Intelligence. India is plagued with narcissists who believe only in power and dominance.

My parents have seen the worst form of casteism in their villages. Nowadays, Casteism has transformed itself in so many ways. People don’t walk up to your face and display their chauvinism. They make passive aggressive statements, use sarcastic tone while passing comments, bitch on your back …etc,

My father worked hard for our better future. Now, both my parents are mildly suffering from the psychological problems caused by excessive marginalisation (which is true as per an article published in The Wire, an Indian online news outlet). One of my elder cousins, she faces a lot of discrimination at her workplace (She works as a clerk in SBI). I’m not playing a victim card to get attention or to be consoled by anybody. This workplace/ institutionalized discrimination has been left unchecked by the government. Because of which students like Payal Tadvi, Rohith Vemula and so on had lost their lives. In recent times, Subrahmanyam Saderla, a PhD student in IIT Kanpur had to face this discrimination at the hands of his professors (or oppressors, so to speak).

Here are some links:

Dalit Camera

These are some incidents of caste-based discrimination and oppression. Don’t forget to read the last one.

All these incidents are heart burning real tragedies which can be prevented with timely intervention by people and government. There are so many outlets writing articles on caste in India. I hope people follow them.

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Kumar just watched the videos and sharing them in a nutshell.

1st one is of Karamchedu and 2nd one is of Tsunduru. Upper caste people do not like lower caste people, so they came in 1000 to 2000 in number and killed all lower caste people in the village. Those who escaped, gave interviews. It is because upper caste people unable to digest lower caste people working hard and buying lands and their children going to schools for education. The women of upper caste people Chowdary in those villages, spoke filthy against lower caste women the day of the incident. Upper caste people bought lawyers and judges, so justice was not delivered on time. 23 years after of the incident, one or two accused got the jail term.

The bottom-line is that both Chowdary Aka Kamma and Reddy castes raped, killed lower caste people in these two villages- Tsundur, Karamchedu- by attacking in mobs in the years 1985 and 1991 respectively. Yet Police did not respond on time and justice was not delivered. These caste groups came to US and started their groups because of which many average Americans are getting displaced.

[The preceding two paragraphs are written by KUMAR EXCLUSIVE].

This is written by a brother from India. Kumar is just publishing this in the support of the brother and condemning the inequalities and discrimination against Dalits and Adivasis. Thanks for reading this and let us know if any further questions.


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