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An Assistant Professor sent this from Hyderabad (may be around India as well)

While in foreign countries the faculty student ratio is 1:8, In Hyderabad it usually be 1:40 or more than that. But in paper they show 1:15 or 1:20 during inspection.

Kumar garu you are my inspiration, even college here do not pay according to JNTUH norms. Education field got corrupted since late Dr. YSR period. In early 2013, He has seen engineering college ran without black board. For 3-4 years JNTUH starts Namely INSPECTION. The worst thing is JNTUH itself is 100 times corrupted than the local police. They inspect colleges and if they find any instruments faulty or faculty not available, they just demand the college administration lakhs of money to them. The reason why in Telangana (because I don’t have an idea about other states- must be alike) there will be NO classes is (they will make a timetable and all) NO faculty will be present. each faculty will have a heavy workload and M. Tech is considered as a cash course, so they will not invest any money or faculty allotted here. No matter how brilliant the college is NO classes for M. Tech. They simply say be at home study for govt exams. If students do nasty they will look out at internal marks. Because of JNTUH, the standard which college needs is lost and ultimately students will not get hands-on experience in labs.

These days engineering college are not informative but managed. He does not understand why as soon as we finish M. Tech in India, M. Tech people must be beggar, because none will hire you with M. Tech degree and countries like USA. Everyone at least gets paid well in USA. Everyone knows how M.Tech course is corrupted here. He was little lucky like this girl that he was looking for other jobs or taught diploma people at the end he secured a job but not in Mechanical Industry (if you show M. Tech in resume they throw on your face).

In JNTUH ratification (To Teach you to need to get ratified) we will be shown like this person will get 34,000 per month. But in general, we get paid 17k and these documents get shocking approved by high qualified professors outside of JNTUH campus (In abids). But during inspection and all they take some M.Tech students, they pay money for those professors who ratify because they need to show student to faculty ration during inspection right. they take up MTECH students for about 3-4 months and that is it.

yes sure sir.. JNTUH is corrupted. Like her if JNTUH has also followed same standards that of USA ( at least a few) I might have also landed in a well-paid job. Well, I could say she took the right decision of dropping from college. She said she is not courageous, but she is. you will not believe me even I thought of the same but Never got self-confidence to stop and look after something. That is the reason she is shining now.  In India also B. Tech graduates can find jobs until or unless they learn few trade courses (I am talking about Mechanical engineering). I usually say this to my students that it’s going to be very tough if you get into   2020s. The reason why students do not get hands-on experience on the machine I explained above about the instruments no availability. But students Don’t learn few courses like HVAC, Welding, supply chain management, and NDT. they always in huge demand. Unless you learn those NO matter, they go to USA or do PhD they do not get a job. I could say she is such an inspiration and inspired me as well to grow my carrier like her.

thanks to you Kumar garu for giving this opportunity sharing the true stuff with others as well.

I will also take an initiation about what’s on in jntuh. No matter JNTUH remove me from their ratification list.

you can ask to any low range to high range college in Telangana, I say almost all sir. they write fortnight attendance; they do forgery about showing documents of the machine that they bought this machine and all to the jntuh inspection team. but they have brought from other colleges. JNTUH is one of the worst and corrupted university and those who disagree must be the biggest liar or HOD of a concerned department. that is why all Hyderabadis running to USA or Australia. but these kids do not know that getting a certificate is not necessary, having skills are important. kids also are not interested to study because they get full scholarship.

I suggest not to do engineering under JNTUH, maybe OU is a lot better and OU does not give affiliation to all colleges unless they feel a college got full infrastructure. JNTUH got worst curriculum, though they are updating it but at low speed. If college HOD makes any adjustments to help students management will kick HOD as well. So, he tries to manage two words. So basically, they manage like business with future of India.

university is corrupted if they are strict these colleges just follow the given instructions. let me clarify you.

University board provides paperwork about so and so university must have 1:20 faculty student ratio with each equipment should work and all. In reality what happens is

The inspection team usually be following the same paperwork, but this team usually be HOD of concerned department or another department of JNTUH. they check up everything and while leaving college they demand openly sir openly they demand so and so amount. that is it. Now these inspection team share money with the academic team of jntuh we do not know. If JNTUH team is strict, the college management should be buying those instruments and hire more faculty. All the parents who send students to USA must know that, your kids unless they have stuff none can hire you. Simple logic if your kids cannot find a job for at least six months here in India how your kid in USA where international job competition is present could get a job? Instead of going to consultancy have you gone to college with your kids whether your kid is doing good at college and college got everything? Out of 100 only 20 people do their college project on their own, remaining just buy it. Have these fathers asked what is the project and all? Kumar garu rightly said all are like sheep sir, one goes and die in well remaining follow the same. Those days are gone where people were satisfied if they got certificates, all people are well educated now, they check your hard work behind your certificates. I say if engineering kids do hard work for about just 1% than others enough, they can be CEO of google.

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