truth about IIT guys

Silicon Valley Bay area:

They hire F1 OPT CPT for $20 an hr. These start up companies owners have studied B.TECH in IIT colleges in India. USA recognizes B.TECH degree from IITs only, rest it does not recognize or consider.
In fact, BTECH from India = tissue paper in USA. If you do not know, google it. Irony is, the elite class students also not exempted in violating rules like “mom&pop consultancies” where the owners are B.A/B.COM/BSC/BTECH failed or from “TAPPAS” bogus colleges.
The sole purpose of IIT is to “BUILD INDIA”but not “DITCH INDIA” by flee India to USA for dollars, green cards, US passport & self goals. So the respect for IITs in USA is 0, sorry bro and sisters.
Those who do not know what is IIT?
The Indian Institutes of Technology are premiere autonomous public technical and research universities located across India. They are governed by the Institutes of Technology Act, 1961, which has declared them as institutions of national importance and lays down their powers, duties, and framework for governance

2009, one guy called KE to trap to his “mom & pop consultancies”. his introduction was, he was a graduate from IIT. so what? he is still doing h-1b broker business in USA like trapping other Indians. IIT has more value in India than to USA though USA recognize only IIT’s BTECH degree.

On the positive note, some of the IITs friends/Ex peers talk very politely and explain the issue technical in IIT style than to regular BTECH batches. So that you will never ask him/she how to fix the problem? You will get that much information to drive an issue.

Otherwise, in India, anyone get into IITs behave like IAS officers “head strong and bossy” just in USA, Indians posses Green Cards. NOT all but only a majority.

“It’s true. My h1b coworkers also say IIT are the best colleges in India.

In the US no one has ever heard of them and the name sounds like ITT which is a technical school in the US that closed.

If you graduated from ITT or DeVry here your coworkers will laugh at you.”  – Matthew Bonness

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