H1B Life in America- Videos in Telugu Language

H1B Life in America- Videos in Telugu Language

Parents of International students requested this playlist. I wrote on Facebook in Telugu.

A hindu converted Christian person running bodyshops from MA deleted those pages.

Life in America, H1B Visa. Few F1 International students from USA who speaks Telugu shared my English videos to their parents. The parents from India who cannot understand English requested me to make videos in Telugu. Hence I have started this playlist for them and understand Telugu speaking people across the Globe are watching to understand h1b, life in America.


One hater, failed in his life wrote filthy comments.

His name is: : Raghu Reddy (IP address:,
Email: Raghu.veereddy@gmail.com

This idiot caste fellow instead of living in the USA, no manners and writing filthy to me abusing KE and family.

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