After MBA degree in USA

After MBA degree in USA

basically it comes under non STEM for F1 International students.

Hi Kumar,

Can you plz make a video on MBA graduates in the USA?
Do they join the bodyshops just like MS grads?

Student worker reply:

Sir this phenomenon also exists, but not as much as IT grads and IT jobs. US IT market has a shortage, MBA jobs don’t have that shortage.

I’ve seen MBA grads do fake cv, and contract jobs in IT related postings. Not in finance, HR, Marketing etc.

For example, it’s possible in the below jobs-

IT analyst, business analyst, business systems analyst, API analyst, scrum master, product owner, PM

In such cases the MBA grads will do some SQL course, an agile training and clear an interview and work in the IT.

But other than that, it’s not so easy as the demand is not that great.

Non stem or stem, for an MBA grad to work in IT is a bit tough, he must be very desperate because the market is not good for them.

There are IT grads who can do that job far better. Yes the bodyshops would pay them $25 if they hire them..

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