Love, Marry an American

F1, OPT: Simple: Love, Marry an American. || Kumar Exclusive

Kumar advised several hundred or thousands of followers across the globe who are seeking DREAM AMERICA, this advice:

“The best way to permanently stick in USA is to do MS in USA, fall in strong love with good American Citizen and marry her.

Must make a good choice who will never give divorce.”

This will definitely bypass the filthy route of getting H-1B/Green Card that is employment-based GC though

“MOM&POP IT Consultancies” aka human trafficking agencies or

Indian outsourcing companies often locals call BITCH companies. 



Unfortunately, Kumar has been receiving several tragedy stories from

American women and men about these types of GC fraud marriages abused by Indians.

Recently also a follower wrote when an H-1B fired during covid19 laid-off, that

Indian trapped wife of an American man at work location for GC fraud marriage.


This a screen shot from KE video comments.

In fact, KE followers sent videos recorded from GC marriage locations and did not upload it to respect the privacy of the people.


Another case is an innocent American woman really fell in love with a Telugu Indian man. Of course he too loved her and married and lived together for more than five years. She has demonstrated she truly loved him in many ways.  The great America woman sponsored the H4 dependent VISA to her husband’s mother and she got visa for 10 years and visited USA also. As soon as the Indian mother-in-law  landed here, the troubles have started as you know. She give preference to caste & culture than to “LOVE”. Mother in law prefers to the caste than to true love. She forced the son to come out of the house and he did it.  Finally he gave the divorce to that American wife. Mostly, for two reasons, 1 caste 2  true love. Generally, Indian parents prefer same caste and dowry(bribe) and men should always 5 to 10 elders to the women but not the other way round. In the issue of the KE’s subscribers, we do not know what it gets trigger the divorce issue caste & culture? or mother in law or true love?. Also, the man is unable to justify between mother and wife (in USA, we call spouse). 

Despite being old enough and married for almost 5 years.

She loves him so much. In fact she had to think about suicide because of the situation.

The subscribers both are the followers of KE. Hence Kumar also moved a lot with this tragic love story. KE would pray for God “if god exists” to unite this couple.

As a reader, we would like to see your opinion do you vote for mother in law or true love? 

Here are some of the Pictures.

I am writhing this as Americans Voice.

Thanks for reading this.


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Subscriber sent comments:

Sir you never know. It could be a genuine marriage failure also 😜
If two Americans divorce, it’s a genuine divorce.
If one of them was Indian, oh it was a gc fraud!
It’s bad that the guy did that. The women should have known the guy will benefit by gc. She should also have been more alert.
Nobody forces Americans to marry Indians, they are responsible to be careful and not fall prey to such things. Wait for years before they marry..

Subscriber: I’ve just read it. It is unfortunate that some unscrupulous people would stoop to any depths of depravity to serve their own selfish interests. Thank you for pointing me towards your blog. It shines a light on these dark truths.


Cases of marriage fraud as reported by CIS:


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