Do you believe this?

Do you believe this?

2016, A subscriber from Germany, an Indian wrote this who can read my articles in

German language and knows Telugu and English also.


KE posted the poll

KE posted this on LinkedIn. Bodyshops, outsourcing companies, recruiters,

fake resumes Indians threatening KE for writing on LinkedIn.

Ameya K   11 hours ago For you




Sent: ‎Friday‎, ‎June‎ ‎10‎, ‎2016‎ ‎05‎:‎07‎:‎08‎ ‎PM‎ ‎EDT

Subject: Kudos to you – few suggestions

Dear Mr. Kumar

I have seen your videos, most of them. I am basically from Hyd, been here for 14yrs, US citizen now. You are doing a great job of making a case for legitimate, genuine well deserved people to live in US peacefully. Really appreciable work by you.

I have few suggestions/comments/improvements whatever you call.

Your videos are focussed on how the middle layers/vendors ‘ghanta’ companies act as $2 to $25 commission agents. They are ofcouse.

But I think we should go beyond it to provide more bigger picture for audience. These people who run these ‘body shops’ – what do they do ?

They run politics, they groom, support, nurture politics back home and here. They formed a cartel – a vicious circle where things are going per understanding with each organizations. When they grow, they are forming tax free organizations – TANA, ATA, NATA, NATS, TDF. 

After formation of Telangana, the situation has become even worse. Now they are promoting region/caste/party/group politics. 

The irony is, how US govt is tolorating these fringe groups ? All the organizations that are set up are tax free voluntary orgs – non-profit based registrations on sole purpose of social service and culture promotion. But what are they really doing – bringing political leaders, bringing TV/movie actresses, doing ‘recording dances’, promoting vulgar double meaning songs in name of culture. Is this what our NRIs kids are leaning for future generations ? 

Do you know what these TV/movie beautiful actresses are doing here ? I have seen them with arrangements of prostitution with $3000 to $5000 per night. Thats why they line up in Hyd to come to US. They have 2 or 3 managers who are coordinators here for negotiation and privacy/secrecy. Otherwise, why managers are needed here for few days/weeks pleasure visite – with no shootings and no sessions ?

This is what is going on here in name of these H1b companies, blood sucking commission agents, our own telugu businessmen are doing. We already have become a laughing stock with non-telugu community with this kind of strange culture, before it goes and trickles down to all house holds – it should be made aware of whats going on. 

I am sending you this email with anonymity, because i cannot reveal my real name – but I would really appreciate if you can bring to notice of wider audience on the way things are going here with these telugu poisenous organizations ruining indian culture in general and telugu pride in particular. I am a Telangana person, but Indian first, Telugu second – lastly a Telangana person I believe.

From 1940s to 2020, Indians in USA are getting jobs very easily in Information technology because of the following: 1 fake resumes= 8 pages local 10 years’ experience fake 2 proxy interviews = your interview call attend by a criminal for $2000 3 proxy skype interview = your interview call, backend a lady criminal or man attends for $2000 4 bodyshops deduct $2000 for F1/OPT/CPT/H4EADS/H1Bs/GC/USC for this scheme 5 all in the chain illegal Indians layers take cuts for this 6 Indian hiring managers ask female candidates for standout nights if know proxy “part of the conspiracy” 7 that’s why US companies blame shortage of local STEM and need more Indians 8 these ppl never worked in India nor get jobs in India, how come get jobs here? Is it not fake+proxy?

Read these articles:

Andhrafriends- proxy Kings & Queens…

Proxy: H-1B


Bench India vs USA vs Canada

Bench India vs USA vs Canada

Worst bodyshops

KE is against generalization. NOT all but only a majority are getting jobs through fake and felonies. They are poaching Americans jobs hence Americans are colonized in USA. In case, if you do not know, check WhatsApp of your fellow Indians near to you, you will see they are members of the above groups “Andhra friends WhatsApp proxy” and mobiles full of fake resumes and proxy data.

Many Indians men, women do this proxy business illegal, become super rich. Law could not stop crimes in USA. Female voice also available. #bodyshops only operate this proxy and they deduct $2000 from salaries of the f1 or h4eads etc #recruiters #bodyshops #indians These guys fake resumes Indians do not pay money to IT employees in India who support them for proxy job support. VOICE: Fake fellows cheat

ande ajay
36 minutes ago Still 99Percentage,Outside The IT Industry Dont Believe This.

ande ajay39 minutes ago Drama is Like Cat Catching The Mouse.The Whole Setup Is Like Big Bandicoot Business. <<Thrilled>>

Louis Gardner5 hours ago  This is super illegal Kumar, proud of people like you who expose these corrupt people

Louis Gardner5 hours ago Kumar, I’m wondering after they use illegal ways to pass interview, how will they survive in job

Subscriber: Saw a video of recruiter catching a proxy person giving interview… really shocking. Why no one complains to local COPs for this type of criminal activities ?

KE: Interesting question. Almost a decade, none confirm that it is a serious crime: fake resumes and proxy etc. But at POE, one F1 Telegu deported for having fake resumes in the mobile in 2016-17.

 I kept a video in Telegu then. One of ex colleagues who takes proxy interviews daily argued in whatsapp, it is not a crime, it is help. His pet, another girl  attends for the female.

They attend a desk in a government building. I quit the group when friends attacked me in person while confronting in general. They both earn $2000 each per call and at least 4 calls a day, demand is like that.

Huge debates are going on with me from subscribers, some I cannot share outside as it gives a boost to criminals if they know US cannot do anything to proxy.

though it is a felony. few of my ex colleagues are asking what is the LAW code for this? One of them is doing proxy interviews daily.,with%20a%20criminal%20fraud%20offense,with%20a%20criminal%20fraud%20offense.

Is there any way we can report to the US government about fake resumes and proxy interview people?
Here is their web page

One subscriber did research. He went to DHS, USCIS offices and explained to them how MS students are doing this crime. They told him; they do not know this is happening on the ground.

They do not have any idea what the punishment is but that person did not send any proof of meeting them. We have to believe his frustration and phone calls.

KE: Irony is, I told outsourcing companies crime is different, not just MS students. Outsourcing companies also do FAKE resumes but are not visible to the outside world.

recruiters shared how they operate this on the backend about proxy etc.

Subscriber: OMG !! pathetic. Despite earning salary these people are doing these crimes as side business … only God can save us Indians.

After I expose, IT employees working in India, come forward and share their sad stories.

The fake resume ppl did not pay them as they promised.

I published his voice without a name.

Getting female voices is difficult for DevOPS. Telugu bodyshops in Texas, using Voice modulators to place female candidates.

Subscriber:  they should be severely punished even though they are from our own country.

I have seen because many incompetent people have occupied jobs here some genuine people lose job and forced to go back to India.

KE:  I agree with you. Americans are emailing and calling for not getting jobs.

They refused to fake resumes and tell lies on the resume is the reason, recruiters are not picking up their resumes.

when you get time, read this.

IT employee who supported proxy MS students in the USA.

VOICE: Fake fellows cheat

If I share my friends whatsapp chat, you will get shocked.

He attacks violently by saying you are wrong; he is correct in spite of agreeing on writing that he is doing proxy.

his argument is, you came to the US through Bodyshop, bodyshops = no stuff.

Ppl doing crime, do not feel shame and support it as helping newcomers MS students and attack anyone say it is crime.

Subscriber: Your friend seems purely Money Minded moron. There are many people like him here. They can give any philosophy to justify their misdeeds.

KE: With proxy money, these andhra proxy kings and queens bought a $1000K to $2000K houses in prominent locations in USA

and India and 3 to 4 most expensive cars/SUVs and rest he bought lands in India.

2004-2020. Same case with that female also. Indian women has no shame in IT in USA.

1 out of 10 H-1Bs,

1 out of 2 GCs are doing this.

1 out of 2 USC by naturalization also

Still no punishment for anyone.

Wherever I go, 9 out of 10 MS Students, resumes are fake appealing even before entering the USA client site, by recognize me as KE Sir, he/she is KE follower and “do not complain about them to the clients”. Some went ahead and offer money to the delivery managers of outsourcing companies to safeguard their jobs.

Even H4 EAD and L2 EAD Indian women also misbehave worst and bring personal argument at work about KE videos. It is because they afraid of KE videos and their resumes are fake and entered through proxy or casting couch and bring an argument, Are you Mahatma Gandhi? Why do you make videos?

Ofcoruse Ravi also brought this kind of argument several times.

Only ppl with fake resumes, doing proxy interviews, illegal vendors business and bodyshops people argument daily like this over emails, work locations or phone calls etc.

Fake resumes means showing neighbors wife as yours
Proxy is even worse, sleeping with neighbors husband
Its like no character = terrorist
Sorry, Economic Terrorist or terrorism!

This is what Indians not all but only a majority are of them are doing it in the USA from 1940s to 2020. hence they are becoming super rich.

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