Are Fake resumes and Proxy for Interviews legal in the US?

Are Fake resumes and Proxy for Interviews legal in the US?

Many Indians argued till now, “everyone is doing crime so what? I want my people to answer this FAQs.

Based upon the answers now you check your friends/siblings phones in the USA to know whether they are doing illegal things or not in the USA?

if they refused to do so then consider that they are doing illegal things in the USA.

Hence they had two houses in India and USA and most luxurious cars but nothing else. If they are honest, genuine, why do not they transparent?

This is applicable for bride and bridegroom matches in India for foreign matches. Out rightly reject them.

who is the father of this fake resumes?

Some say bodyshops

some say outsourcing companies

some say International students – it is triangle love story and blame game.

Whatever it is, they are doing successfully illegal things to poach Americans jobs.



KE friends argued, asking for LAW code for this.


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