Indian cannot respect fellow Indian why?

Indians hate each other by caste, region, language and religions. why?

I am not talking about India, am writing about Indians in the USA. You go to any apartment complex or subdivisions(where only Indians live together in a hamlet) or any work locations in the USA. You test it by take randomly pick up Indians or watching them. If you do not notice this, please let me know.

They speak only with their own caste people first. As you know we have 5 major castes, 25,000 sub castes.

First question is, what is your caste? in case they cannot identity your caste by your last name(Surname)

If not found same caste person, they will speak to same state(India has 30 states) that is same language speaking people.

Example Tamil language of Tamil Nadu. Marathi language of Maharashtra state etc.

Here the twist is, Telugu is a common language in Telugu states of India Andhra Pradesh and Telangana  but they do not speak each other or in fact, hate each other. I am saying at work locations and personal life in USA. Why? Ofcoruse the entire north India, speaks Hindi and do not know how do they discriminate each other in the USA? A woman told, Kumar we North Indians hindi speaking are far better than you south Indian telugu speaking women as they formed into filthy caste groups and Telangana/Tamil/Kerala groups etc.

Once they find their own state language people, they suddenly disconnect you no matter what? Unfortunately, Indians in USA did not change a bit.

They ask, do you know Tamil or do you know Hindi? if answer is NO, they disconnect you there.

After this language, they see religion, Hindus, Muslims and Christians etc.

Americans are far better in any locations, at least they wish good morning or Hi while come across on the streets either in the morning or evening walking. Indians hate to see you or wish you or even respond. but they start at you sometimes. NOT ALL BUT ONLY A MAJORITY.

A SUBSCRIBERS TOLD, this is because of Indian society, cultural drawbacks and parental guidance, teachers, society, state and etc.

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KE subscribers questions

he is my follower for two years but asking USA weather videos when I upload Hyderabad rain videos and roads conditions.

Why people target other things when we talk about one issue?

KE posted a poll.

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A subscriber wrote, people of Gujarat state of India claims in the USA, that they build USA.

Gujarathis hate Hyderabadis and told on day-1 of landing that you hyderabadis get out.

This person writing the words like pussy etc for uploaded a video on rains in Hyderabad.

In What way, he targets and abuse all women on this planet for uploading a rain video of India?

Does it make any sense to you?

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