H-1B Revamp Could Radically Reduce Visa Users


H-1B Revamp Could Radically Reduce Visa Users

Americans wrote these comments to KE.

This is a great article. Companies have admitted repeatedly that the main purpose of the h-1b program is to reduce wages, NOT find otherwise unavailable talent.

Indians deserve the same wages and benefits as citizens. All the talk about loving immigrants here is a complete fabrication. America hates immigrants. The left exploits them more than the right

Americans mostly see immigrants as a source of cheap labor. It is a logical extension of how america, more than any advanced nation, sources from sweatshops. Democrats even defend illegal immigration as necessary to keep prices low — aka lower wages as much as possible by heavily exploiting immigrants. I am heavily embarrassed by how this country treats immigrants. Doctors are getting laid off due to covid19. Except for very specific locations and specialties, we have too many for the number of jobs available right now. H-1b’s are hired before citizens as doctors because they cost a lot less, same as tech.

The issue with getting jobs as a US citizen is that H1B’s are getting jobs via a Body Shop which hold the majority of jobs with big clients in Banking, and IT. When the Body Shop has the job opening they will only fill it with an H1B. The US Citizen simply cannot compete for jobs with Body Shops holding all the job opening with big clients (many of which everyone knows). Also the Body Shop will not hire the US Citizen they will make up some excuse saying the hiring manager found you not to be a good fit.

This article is missing a HUGE HUGE point. H1B visa and Indian Nationals now control the hiring of most IT jobs in major corporations. I have a bachelors degree from Texas A&M in Computer Science, have decades of IT experience, and here I am unemployed. CVS just contracted out mega IT jobs to Cognizant, an Indian firm. I was a casualty among many others with decades of experience on their Pharmacy Benefit Management system. I have applied to SO MANY positions (both internally at CVS and at many many other companies) that I am fully capable of and who do those jobs go to? People with names like Priyanka and not Peggy. I can’t go to India and get a job. But the reverse is true. As an IT manager in the past, I was bribed by MANY companies based in India. “Oh Peggy, we can send you and your family on very nice vacation. It is just the cost of doing business.” This is a very complex but unfair – very unfair – situation in the U.S. The H1B visa approval process seems to be a joke. If an Indian company contributes the right amount of money to a political PAC, they can get whatever the hell they want approved.



Any companies in any country should hire locals first. If they want talent, they should have a visa reserved for talent. Example in the USA, its called “O visa” but not #h1b visa. I have come across only one person till now on O visa, rest don’t have talent, sorry to say that. Foreign workers are hired to reduce wages, make profits for end clients, middlemen mafia and H1B petitioners, immigration attorneys, FedEx, UPS, USCIS or governments. In fact, if any Foreign workers open their mouth, all of them mentioned above attack the victims just like in India. I wonder why my country media failed utterly to report this from 1940s to 2020.   Indians deserve the same wages and benefits as citizens. Unfortunately Indians treated as sex slaves by their masters(unfortunately they are also Indians) and ill treating fellow nationalities in a foreign country. those Indian slave masters are born unnecessarily due to their parents do not know how to control population methods i.e these shops owners parents do not know how to use condoms. so these criminals born and entrenched into the USA to ill treat fellow Indians.

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