Bench India vs USA vs Canada

What is BENCH? in India

In India, Bench means, non productive hours, the outsourcing companies in India hire people  and put them in the offices across India but no work, but get salaries. No clients, no work. This is called BENCH. In shirt, “simply sitting on office chair and eating” is often referred as “BENCH”. 

Who is responsible for this?

One of the ceos told, it is the fault/failure of the project managers/sales teams mainly responsible for excess hiring without projects or clients. So this includes Hiring managers and HR managers. Hiring people in India is a very easy task but getting projects from western countries, middle east is not an easy task. 


What is BENCH? in USA

All employers must pay salaries to foreign workers, especially H-1Bs either they have productive hours or non productive hours.

How do Outsourcing companies handle BENCH?

Outsourcing companies pay one month bench salaries and send those employees back to India. During this time, outsourcing companies flee from the clutches of the employers due to fear to go back to India.


How do bodyshops/consultancies handle BENCH?

Whoever come to USA in the present/present and future first sit in the consultancies guest houses. That means, majority of the bodyshops employees violated the rule number 1 in the USA. Average time: 2 months in a year bench, but for the first year upon arrival, 1000s of H-1Bs of thousands of bodyshops sit on bench from 6 months to 1 year minimum. Bodyshops owners and recruiters teach them all illegal activities in the IT industry to these newly arrived Indian IT professionals. NOBODY CAN ESCAPE FROM THESE SHOPS OR GUEST HOUSES.They are under ‘captive”. This has been in practice in the USA by bodshops from 1940s to 2020 but it came to limelight in 1990s. SOme bodyshops molest/rape female candidates during this time in the guest houses. One of such lady complained and deported to India by US Govt. Hence Indians afraid to complain as they will be deported and unfortunately enjoys the crime of the bodyshops.

MOM & POP Consultancies handling is worst. They collect money cash or online transaction from employees to pay taxes of employers and employees to the USA government during this time. If they do not pay, these shops go to any extent. It is because these employees afraid to go back to India. Some fire them without notice, some fire them with 1 day notice. meanwhile employers, middle layers hold salaries of these employees of the previous productive hours at site.  some consultancies collect or cut every month salaries for the sake of BENCH TIME. though they are not on bench, those consultancies eat that bench money deposits.

Is it illegal in the USA?

yes, it is.


One of the KE followers working as recruiter in the USA sent the below. He is a recruiter in USA shocked to see this.

Bench in Canada

Matthew Bonness : I’m seeing companies that have double digit numbers of bench sales recruiters.

SoftNice has the most (28).  Can you imagine how many hundreds of benched employees?

And US tech companies complain about lack of STEM workers.  Looks like they are all already here sitting on couches at guesthouses.



KE: I agree with you. also recruiter told in a video interview, recruiters are 3 types.

1 trap MS students to guest houses

2 push them to jobs through fake resumes and proxy

3 if fired, called bench, push them back to site.

all you see is 3rd category recruiters.

Do you want me to use this for a post?

One H2C Hindu Converted Christian person CEO of a bodyshop in MA said,

“See Kumar candidates are coming forward to pay $10,000 for H-1b either in India or USA.”

That means there is no demand, only supply is more, and its employees demand but not employers.

US Tech companies telling a lie

These bodyshops claim PPP funds, also right?

Recently one International student wrote to me, Indians on F1 are paying $10,000X 10 times to 10 body shops to pick up H-1B 2 to 3 times in the lottery.

Matthew Bonness:

Are thes Matt e the official titles your 3 types of recruiters use on LinkedIn:

  1. US IT recruiters

  2. Trainers

  3. Bench sales recruiters

I am even seeing combinations of the above, there was an employee on LinkedIn who was a US IT bench sales recruiter.  I think I sent a picture of him to you (guy wearing sunglasses).

Sure feel free to use any of what I said for a post.



2 trainer = faculty = proxy job supports guy.

1 us it recruiters means, trap anyone

3 sales, purely push people from guest houses to jobs

I kept a video, not sure open to public or not.

Recruiters or human trafficking agents

Sadly, all of these owners are Indians criminals


Matt, Watch this video if you have time

Matthew Bonness :

I watched the video, not sure I understand fully but I’m not sure I would call it human trafficking. By definition trafficking involves buying and selling people and physically holding them captive.


Sorry for the communication gaps.

Bodyshops recruiters put h1bs in guest house and hold them captive only.

Subscriber told: Tamil language speaking BDM(recruiters) person harassing Telugu speaking h1bs, they have to listen to him/her.

Matt: Oh OK.  Yes that sounds like trafficking.  Actually by DHS definition it sounds like most H1B abuse by employers could be considered as trafficking because labor is obtained by use of force, fraud or coercion.


Victims Indians called me in the past who refused to report to USCIS. Stories horrible

#h1b F1, H4EAD Victims Indians called Kumar in the past/present, victims refused to report to USCIS. Their stories horrible.

Based upon their horrible stories, Kumar classified US IT recruiters or #bodyshops into three categories. Of course, American friend(s) points also added.

  1. US IT recruiters

  2. Trainers

  3. Bench sales recruiters

“I am even seeing combinations of the above, there was an employee on LinkedIn who was a US IT bench sales recruiter. I think I sent a picture of him to you (guy wearing sunglasses).”

1 us it recruiters means, trap anyone

2 trainer = faculty = proxy job supports guy.

3 sales, purely push people from guest houses to jobs.

what is a guest house? A house with 2 bedrooms, basically apartment with 15/25-50 h1bs+f1s kept in captive for projects on caste basis. In Mumbai, they are called brothels or brothel houses.

Rest you can read the below and let me know if you find any differences between an Indian recruiter and human trafficking agents. NOTE: KUMAR LOVES INDIANS BROTHERS AND SISTERS.

IT Staffing Firm to Pay $345,000 to Settle H-1B Wage Dispute

What is the root cause of this problem?

Supply is more than demand hence excess foreign people are sitting idle without productive work.

What happens if no paychecks for H-1Bs?

H-1Bs have to prove to USCIS: either he/she is medical hospitalized for no paychecks time or have to provide information about his/her H-1B Petitioner(Indian call him/her as GOD, employer etc) willful violators. Either cases, that H-1B has to exit USA to prove the status if new employer files “new employment” but not H-1B Transfer. For H1B transfer, two paychecks is mandatory.

Watch this video if you have time

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