Indians die in USA

Sad news from USA

Often International student from India on F1 Visas, H-1B dependents like H4 parents or in-laws visiting the USA die outside homes. Like water falls, road car crashes (In India, we call accidents). Please take all precautions and avoid 2am to 6am driving to home from long distant places etc. Unplanned events, avoid $50 room rents in those places, many Indians continue to drive to home in the dark is what we often read in the news. The below is a different story, slip into water falls while trying for a selfie photo with fiance.

The cost of the dead body to move to India will cost around $10,000 and generally Indian communities pool money to support the family in India. We never heard of Indian caste groups doing anything good in the USA or India but difficult times like this, they actively participate, coordinate with USA and India and mobilize the dead bodies in 1 to 2 weeks times. Otherwise it is not an easy task.

27-year-old Indian woman dies after slipping at waterfalls in US

The woman hails from Krishna district in Andhra Pradesh and had gone to the US a few years ago to pursue higher education.


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