Andhrafriends- proxy Kings & Queens

Andhra friends often referred as Proxy Kings and Proxy Queens.

One day, KE asked one woman from southern states of India. She is not from two Telugu states. She replied, her neighbor Telugu woman asked her to fake the resume to get a job in number one client out of fortune 500 misfortune 500 clients/companies so that’s how she got the job.

Then KE asked her, if your neighbor Telugu woman ask you to walk naked on the streets do you walk? you know right, when we speak truth, the other person is Indian becomes violent and she got angry. You know what, she is on temporary EAD card and got client FTE full time job because of “women and diversity”.

She paid money to another Indian telugu woman to attend her telephone technical interview including the skype proxy and that the telugu woman managed it. How? We Indians are best lip sync actors and this non Telugu woman joined the job and enjoying at work and still that telugu woman who attended proxy interviews is supporting this woman’s job from remote which is illegal and crime. That’s how Indian woman entered from “Kitchen to Cobol” or Kitchen to Cloud”. It is not just women, men too.¬† ¬†RESPECT INDIAN WOMAN PLEASE!

Where do they get help from?

andhrafriends, you post a job clip and your cell number and email id, several people will contact you in rat race to attend the call.

How does a transaction work?

money online bank transfers and some times cash transactions if located in the same area/location. they use different people bank accounts for $2000 transactions per day 3 to 4 times minimum. Because they attend 2 to 4 or 6 proxy interview calls a day.

What do they do with that money?

international traveling, buying luxurious houses and cars and gadgets and pump money to India for real estate and films

how much money they earn per call?

it depends, $850 per call to $2000 based upon demand vs supply and technologies. Example: DevOps/Application support, Azure/Cloud getting women proxy is not easy

Do American recruiters, clients aware of this?

No, recruitment industry is outdated and a big fraud

What happens if these proxy people or fake resume Indians get caught at site?

Nothing happens to them, if hiring manager is corrupt, if candidate is female he will demand casting couch for not to fire and “standout night”.

If hiring manager is honest, he/she will fire them but prime vendors/illegal vendors/employer disown that candidate and replace with another candidates to flow the chain of vendors to pump dollars from top to bottom in the official hierarchy(salary sharing scheme).

Where do these kings and queens operate?

USA and India.

Do these kings and queens and fake resume candidates afraid of USA laws and immigration laws?

No, never, they respect neither laws of India nor USA.

Do their spouses or parents know about this crime?

Yes, they do know, some supporting it and some oppose it but helpless and hopeless

How does it operate?

Here you go: jobs in USA FAKE & FELONY || Kumar Exclusive

Information Technology is fastest growing CRIME Industry.

Fake is a BIG Mafia Proxy is another BIG Mafia. Operating by millions of Indians in the India and USA per call $1000-$2000 to poach Americans jobs.

Americans came to know recently about proxy

Americans came to know recently about proxy



Americans came to know recently about proxy

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