worst bodyshop owners in USA

INDIANS’ PRIDE FROM 1940s to 2020.

Indians build America, please check once.

worst bodyshop owners in USA List1,2,3, 4 & 5 published ( H1B Bodyshop Report – Sept 21, 2020)


Matthew Bonness

and comments/trolling and Deleted by andhrafriends.com/topic/877214

Americans are exposing bodyshops crime and meanwhile Indians/Andhra people/Telangana people/Telugu speaking people attacking Americans for exposing the crime.

Interesting, some of the site traffic to my posts is coming from this Telugu forum.  When they call you “Kumar uncle” is that a good or a bad thing?

It was in two to three pages- Indians trolling Matt for exposing bodyshops crime in the USA.

1 victim wrote in one location

2 another guy wrote, they are all good list but Kumar uncle is fake, he is crying on them(list of bodyshops) diversant good people etc.

 He  guess they don’t like me either since they called him “white Kumar uncle”

In WordPress you can check your website stats and see if visitors were referred from another site. That is how I found this post on andhrafriends.com.  Looks like they are following me on Twitter too.

Indians generally who outsourced their jobs to India, write on two telugu websites whole day. Here outsource means NOT that outsource. this is illegal outsourcing that is install team viewer on clients laptops and outsource to proxy supporters. Those proxy supporters also IT employees of outsourcing companies in India. Since their salaries are sufficient so this is their second additional income tax free- illegal. Thanks to America and work from home concepts. Shockingly several government clients in Washington DC, financial institutions also prone this proxy.

So what do they do? they means fake resume guys who poached highly paid Americans jobs. They go to telugu or Indians managing trolling sites and troll like this:


Troll what? they troll Americans by skin colors and how to eliminate them from jobs to lives etc.

Indian companies in India unaware of their employees supporting same client location contractors illegally for second income. Have fun!.

caste body shop

Victim wrote her experiences. They used her before on-boarding and kicked her it seems.

“Guest house= 25 to 50 H-1B Indians live in one or two bed room apartment. jobless, salaries 0”

Victims wrote comments but this company ask the websites to delete the comments.

Victims wrote comments but this company ask the websites to delete the comments.

worst bodyshops list


Victims wrote comments but this company ask the websites to delete the comments.

worst bodyshops list


worst bodyshops list

If you are an American, watch this video, you lost jobs because of “caste” and outsourcing.

Kumar’s tips for jobs

Indian vendors are doing brothels brokers business in the USA in IT.


worst bodyshops list


worst bodyshops list

Victims wrote about Galaxe solutions, in telugu. Some are trolling very badly KE and Americans who are exposing the crime of bodyshops.

if any next 9/11 attacks taking place in the USA, USA must shutdown all telugu people websites and youtubers. They are creating hate against USA and Americans.

KE against generalization but need to write this in the interest of the public.

Attention, bodyshoppers! Week 4 of the Bodyshop Report is here. We are at 150 bodyshops and counting on our way to the #Misfortune500. Click the link below to see who is our new #1 worst bodyshop.

Indians have been attacking Americans by calling them by skin colors ” white Kumar uncle etc” for exposing the Indian bodyshops crime. You can understand, what kind of Indians are living in the USA?

Warning: international students and H-1B aspirants be careful while approaching these 30 worst bodyshops for H-1B.

LIST 5 9/21/2020

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