H-1B Scams

Confronting with H1B Sweatshops in USA

Indians got green cards(NOT ALL BUT ONLY A MAJORITY) from 1940s to 2020 are doing this: Mostly, Wife is the founder and president, husband is the founder and VP. They are  called “Mom&POP Consultancies or Bodyshops or Consultancies or human trafficking agents” Indians got green cards and USC are doing these scams in #h1b. NOT ALL BUT ONLY A MAJORITY. That is one of the reasons, America afraid to give 800,000 Green cards to H-1Bs waiting for 150 years. Indians are abusing laws, immigration laws and cheating fellow Indians in India and USA. Telugu people are first in this rat race.
H-1B Scams

  1. Collect money for H1B filing fees from $5000 to $10,000 in India and USA – cash format and disconnect, file for some.
    no guest house
    no bench salaries
    no OT paid if client or vendors paid also
    Also forward resumes of H1B/OPT/CPTs and collect $45 an hour from their salaries
    Send this money to India for INR 2 interest circulation and pay employees salaries little late
    Charge $5000 to $25000 for green card and ask them to fee for Labor, I-140 and 485(3 stages of GC)
    After getting GC hold them for 1 year because of 25,000 deposit etc
  2. In India, hire a guy and send him to door to door and offer H1B and collect $6000-$10,000 up front by promise them
    they will get 45 lakhs INR to 1 Cr INR in 1 year, take your family next and get a Green Card and settle in USA
  3. If h1B application is not picked up, return money only after 3 months by deduct $1000 saying attorney(lawyer fee-  reddy/chowdary caste lawyers are involved in this)
    If denied, no return
    If RFE, do not answer any emails/phone calls
    If rejected also no money return policy.
    Make sure company names is not printed on any forms in India or here
  4. Collect money from OPT/CPT and H4/L1/L2 or Indian Company H1Bs for filing H1B here
    Apply same rules above: no OT, they have to get thier project on thier own
    no medical etc
    GC after 1 year of working
    No salary on bench
  5. Onwer and Onwer’s wife are working Full TIme jobs with USA client and draw not less than $10,000 each.
    Rest this INC business extra profits to buy apartments in India.
    Call forward Technical call charge $500 to $1000/$2000 depends upon the skill and demand by these employers and one such guy earning 500K in Edison NJ just for Networking jobs here.
  6. Most of these Indians aim is to bring their own caste people. If they bring other caste people, they do not file H-1B if they are on F1, do not file GC if they are on H1B.
  7. Example KAPU NAID help only KAPU NAIDUs but not other caste people.
  8. Example: if KAPU NAID bodyshop owner married KAMMA NAIDU Indian lady of bodyshop owners, they have a conflict with H-1B employees living in Guest Houses on both the castes. Husband supports his caste, wife ceo supports her caste H-1Bs. Caste groups will resolve these conflicts.

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