H-1B Scams

Subscribers sent this: Confronting with sweatshops of USA

(Indians cheat Indians in India and USA) PART-1

Company Name: Virinchi
CEO: Viswanath Kompella…
Frauds: Collecting H1B fee from candidates in India

In fact they have conducted seminars in Hyderabad India massively to cheat IT professionals
When I call USA office, they have nothing here is what Mr. Tagore informed from the company in India.
The company has taken all precautions not to print company name on the bonds the candidates sign for paying H1B total fee up front.

I called Edison office, call forward to India.
I talked to him long time and unfortunately the call was not recorded though I tried well.
Here are the questions I have asked for:
1 What about client letter?
Answer by Mr. Tagore is NO

2. if Visa officer ask for Client letter, there ends matter, no money refund nothing.
Candidate must walk out from the interview is his reply.

3. I asked him why no information in myvisajobsdotcom website except CEO name.
Answer; it’s a new company has 7 employees here and 650 employees in India.

4. How come some one can give 3 LAKHS INR in India without knowing you?
ANS: We are doing great service and they can cross check with their employees

5. Are you in Edison, NJ?
ANS: No only receptionist sits in Edison and call forward to Secunderabad India.
This Saturday he (Tagore) will give seminars at 2.30pm, 3.30pm, 430pm IST 1 hour each and
the person approached me can attend the seminar to get convinced.

No medical for you and family
1st year 70-30%
2nd year: 75-25%
3rd year: 80-20
After 1 year of working GC will be started.
You have to search your own project.

LiA-Telugu – Episode 20 మొసం చెయవొద్దు, మొసపొవొద్దు Do not cheat and do not get cheated

I have been receiving emails from India from guys who were cheated by Indian Incs. I have called few companies upon their requests, verified in myvisajobsdotcom and from other sources of information and made calls but nobody is answered properly and some forwarded to India. Bottom line is these Indian Incs are collecting $6000 upfront from the candidates in India. Of, course it’s fault on… the part of both parties to involve in crime as it’s unlawful to pay H1B and collect also.

We find all kinds of Vultures lurking in the darkness wanting to prey on poor unfortunate folks simply wanting a job that doesn’t exist in their country.

Do not pay money and report to USCIS or local US immigration authorities by email and local police stations if someone collects money in India.

This is not something new or news to me because I have been watching this since 1995 and this year 2015 the volume of emails is high in terms of collect H1B fee, vanishes or not return etc hence am sharing for the innocent folks out there for not fall into the pit falls of wrong people.

Hi Mr. Kumar,

I have gone through most of your videos in your youtube channel. There are very informative and your effort is much appreciated for your kind support to all the aspirants of H1B. Hope you continue to post more and more videos regarding H1B visa.

I am also a technical consultant dreaming to come to the U.S and make living there from long time, I have been looking for a suitable employer for the past few months, and contacted many employers in the U.S. via email/telephone, I have received reply from atleast 10 employers from thousands of contacts that I have requested, however all of them who have responded are asking for money to be paid ranging from 3800-5500 USD for applying H1B visa. And I see that employers are being unethical that they proceed to apply H1B visa only after you pay the amount in full. However, the so called employers say that they will refund the amount after employment with them for atleast 3-6 months, including some benefits like Green card processing after 6 months and 80-20% billing share. But unwilling to pay them considering this is illegal, I have been trying over the months for one genuine employer who can sponsor me H1B visa for free of cost. Unfortunately, not even one employer is ready to do the same.

In this case, my dream cannot be fulfilled and I am losing confidence that I cannot come the U.S. How can I achieve my goal of coming to U.S if the scenario is like this? Kindly advise.

Thanks & Regards,

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