Kumar’s TIPS for International Students

Job search tips for F1 OPT CPT international students/workers.

  1.  You remove your resume from all the job portals.

  2. You also remove “What People Said” from your resume and change your job title from your University Project.

  3. Instead of being a Graduate Assistant, mention as Systems Engineer. Since you already have prior experience, you can rigorously apply for full time employment with the clients and primary vendors.

  4. As you know try to avoid submitting to Desi vendors. It does not go anywhere.

  5. When applying to clients and primary vendors make sure you mention that you do not require sponsorship.

  6. When they ask them you mention you have Employment Authorization from USCIS.

  7. Don’t often mention it is OPT unless asked in particular.

Search in Indeed, CareerBuilder & Monster.. (Skip Dice). Good Luck!!

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