H-1B Scams

Indians are cheating Indians in this world.

Several Indians in India and across the globe have been paying $5000 to $10,000 in cash to these Bodyshops and these bodyshops disconnect them once receive money as cash format and no proof.

Indians are cheating Indians in this world.

99% #bodyshops collect #h1b fees and disconnecting people. This is Indian culture and a practice from 1990s to 2020. DO NOT TRUST INDIANS IN THE USA. they cheat easily by collecting money and disconnect you. #uscis you can report from India also about these criminals and recover your money in Indian style.


Sent: Sunday, August 23, 2015 at 8:43 PM
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Subject: H1B Question

Hello Kumar,

I have question regarding H1B.
My brother in law has paid to an Indian IT consulting company almost 2.5 Lacs to file H1B this year.
The employer has not provided any single proof to my brother in law and now a days he is not responding properly his phone calls.
We paid this amount because of lack of knowledge and We found a Relative as a friend of the IT company’s owner.
He is saying that we didn’t get selected in lottery but not talking to us properly when we ask for USCIS letter and refunding the money.
He is keep lying and saying that he is on vacation and lawyer is not responding …all kind of lying stuff.
Any advice on this situation to get our money back would be great help.
Please tell the name of the company that filed H-1B petition for your brother-in-law. As of July end USCIS cleared off returning all the unselected packets. Let us know the company name, we will tell you the credibility and let you know how to get your money back.

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