Guest Worker Program Fraud

American followers/subscribers sent an email and explained why is Fraud? Requested me to publish for the public awareness post.



This is XYZ  from XYZ Solutions. Please find the job description if You are interested for this below job reply to this email ID   with Your updated resume and active contact number and best time to reach You

Position: System Admin ( Entry Level )

Location: Hebron, KY
Duration: Contract
Visa: Any but no OPT/CPT
Job Description:
  1. Know what an IP address is and why it’s important
  2. Know what a MAC address is and why it’s important
  3. Have the ability to move and think quickly and not afraid of a very fast paced but detail oriented environment
  4. Have the ability to do some very light, entry level IT work
  5. Are not afraid of a little manual labor. None of the stuff will be heavy, but there will be a large amount of unboxing, reboxing, labeling, bagging, etc…..
  6. We currently plan on working a normal 8:00am to 5:00pm shift. There may be a little flexibility there


The resources will have a 9-hour day, consisting of 8-hours of work broken up by (2) fifteen-minute breaks and a one-hour lunch. They will show (4) punches on a timecard per day:


  • In punch for the day
  • Out punch for lunch
  • In punch from lunch
  • Out punch for the day


IT Recruiter

XYZ Solutions LLC


Contact:  Ext .com | www. ABC SISTER .com

 (names changed to xyz and abc)

XYZ with ABC


Can you please tell me which lines are considered Fraud?

  Visa: Any but no OPT/CPT

Do you mean any VISA people can work?

Earlier I have contacted a few recruiters, they told me it is for H4 EADs etc.

  1. The entry level job only requires the most common of skills.

  2. A large percentage of the unemployed citizen population, even in the busiest of times, is available and qualified to do this kind of work.

  3. H-1b’s are only intended to be used for jobs where qualified citizens are unavailable and a market rate is offered to them and the guest worker.

  4. The email implies that any visa, including an h-1b, except for OPT/CPT, can be used.

  5. The recruiter may have intended to only hire green card holders or some other particular visa type, but that is not what is described in the email.

  6. H-4’s are legally allowed to do just about anything and at any rate, which leads to some of the worst exploitation and poor use of a guest worker program in the advanced world.

  7. No advanced nation has as poorly designed a guest worker program as the h-4, not nearly.

  8. A company can literally legally hire an h-4 with a phd in data science and fifteen years of excellent experience for $9.50 an hour, and replace a citizen earning $150,000 in the process.

  9. Yes, that bad.  There are no quotas and wage requirements are extremely minimal.

This is how Indian recruiters(not all but only a majority) are scamming or gaming the USCIS H-1B F1 visa systems in the USA from 1940s to 2020.

Recruiters in India do not know anything about USCIS/DOL/IRS rules. In fact some of them are trained to forge the documents includign W2 and New Jersey based bodyshops issue fake W2s to h-1b employees.

That ABC + XYZ are spouse companies of the same “Mom and POP Indian consultancies”. it is to share the candidates salaries they act as sister or brother companies, that is all bogus and fake.

Some say, Sister company/brother company while snatching resume from candidates and sit as illegal layers. in business, there is no sister/brother, those are all Indian bogus terms. They are caste based fraudulent Indians formed as a middlemen mafia to poach candidates salaries. In fact, these idiots back home run behind the same girl in college days and it is our fate in USA, these guys claim as sister/brother companies, just avoid those sister companies otherwise they eat your sister/brothers.

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