VOICE: Andhra dowry problem, Telugu domination in IT in USA

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Sunday, December 27, 2015 at 12:08 AM
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Subject: Andhra dowry problem ….. Telgu domination in IT in USA ….

I would say that’s a bit harsh with the language. But seriously similar sentiment is being echoed around in a lot of Indian student circles all around the USA I believe. I am doing my PhD and have been here since 2009. All I can say is the Andhra population in general is exploding here and most the kids coming in don’t even know what they are here for. Social stigma is definitely a thing .. dowry .. status back home whatever. Most of the guys specifically from Andhra are happy doing ride business and gas station work.

Times of India says that majority of people coming from Andhra to USA are even not qualified enough to land a job in India. USA MS is a back up plan for them . You see for a lot of Reddys 20-25 lakhs is peanuts and not even for them even middle class is able to loan out the money .. in short a US MS has become affordable to a lot. People with bare min technical, intellectual and social skills land in USA , thanks to pro-business approach of USA, at the end of the day they give you a chance at the american dream if you are ready to pay for the degree.

Indian image has been enormously hurt in universities and people here do see this everyday, dont deny this please. Cheating is rampant in all classes. Ethics dont exist in exist in education or jobs. Americans dont know to differentiate what is north indian what is south or what is telgu or what is kannada or tamil. We all are getting bracketed in one slot.

Telgu speaking people should be more vocal about some of their peers misusing this opportunity and more importantly about poisoning this well for the others here and yet to come over here. Please take the initiative , I am in a texas univ with a lot of andhra people. Some of them are really good friends , but we all know andhra people form groups and politics is rampant.

Please read this article , you will get a sense of the resentment some your brethren i.e. andhra/telgu people have generated … its not just me but a wide spectrum of people … i knw we cannot generalize here … but still problem lies with andhra culture and craze for usa tag .

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Caste politics to the fore in US universities


I know sir u also are telugu … but please dont disagree on this … we all have been seeing how exclusively telugu ppl have single handedly poisoned the well in america for all of us …. IT domain all Indians here are looked down as fakers of resume and unethical people ….

North indians are coming in but mostly through valid green card sponsorships are per the american immigration law … they are not faking any stuff sir …. citizen sponsoring brother/sister/parents or spouse … i dont see any problem with that…

But this whole ethics dilution by new breed of indian students and workers here has massively hit the indian reputation … i can see first hand … sad situation ….

Kindly also explain this whole dowry based thing. Its 21st century after so much progress rest everywhere … south india dowry is huge thing … specifically in andhra …. WHY ??? are people so worthless that getting dowry is only way they can survive ….

some people i hv met were so shameless and rascals they openely admit that they are in usa because to just get big dowry … their parents are sending them here to build profile …. living here and building a career here or life here is not even a point for them … that they will accompolish by faking resumes and cheating in exams in univ here …. wht is this sir … ??

I enjoy all your videos and agree with most of the things you say … hv some small disagreements but generally agree with all major points you state ….

USA govt i beleive will change drastically work visa rules and student visa rules in coming years … these ppl are not dumb that wht i hv learnt till now over here …. ppl who get most badly affeted will be andhra crowd i guess ….



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