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  1. obtain (goods or a service) from an outside or foreign supplier, especially in place of an internal source.”outsourcing components from other countries”

    • contract (work) out or abroad.”you may choose to outsource this function to another company or do it yourself” – Google

Why outsourcing?

Cost cutting

Who gets benefited?

Whoever give it to outsourcing, Whoever receives it at the other side in a foreign country

Who will be at receiving end? Lose

All the employees in the US loses jobs due to outsourcing

American Said: “In wcwoa facebook group they say it all started with GE and it’s that company’s fault. Also McKinsey advisers were telling all companies to outsource. They interviewed one McKinsey exec on Tucker and he said everyone was doing it, he was not apologetic at all. ” 

“Indian business, in particular, owes a huge debt to the man, for it was he who first identified the potential of India’s IT industry. In the 1980s, this was no more than a small enclave of budding entrepreneurs with no inkling of the vast, globally dominant multibillion-dollar industry that it is today. Displaying vision and foresight, Welch put his money where his mouth was, and as GE started outsourcing its IT back-end needs to firms such as Wipro, Infosys, and TCS, a country hitherto considered the backwaters of technology took its first ambitious steps on the world stage. Today, GE is believed to outsource nearly $10 billion of IT services to companies in India.”

Jack Welch was the CEO at GE. He was infamous for layoffs and outsourcing. His workers hated him. He also died last year. What an awful legacy to leave behind.

McKinsey institute guy on Tucker Carlson.


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India: their background 

All these Indian outsourcing companies started by Indians. Mainly Indians have caste/regional feelings/languages affection and religion. Obviously each company has its center of gravity with that and nepotism and kleptocracy is not exempted to private sectors in India and it is not just public sectors patents. With this line of introduction, hope you understand better than anyone about their working styles. 

What is the recruitment process in India? 

These top 10 Indian outsourcing companies go to B.Tech or Engineering colleges in India for campus placements. 

The first qualification is 70-75% marks in BTECH in 3rd and 4th or total 4 years based upon the companies policies. 

Remember in India, due to high population, elimination is the process for hiring but not selection. So students get eliminated and will be picked up 15 to 50 out of 5000 students.

Kumar worked with people who got selected in campus placement during 2011-2015 and went to India and interacted with ppl who do not selected and transfer that knowledge to them.  

What is the fate of the BTECH students in India who are not selected in the campus placement jobs? 

F1 Visa – MS in USA or MBA in USA, as you know visa is 100% luck, no idea those who do not get visas? An Indian professor from New Jersey told KE, if USA has no f1 and H-1B visas for Indians, they would join anti India elements by given poverty and unemployment conditions in the India. 

What about those selected in the Campus Placement?

They get 3 months rigorous training in India and push to different cities to work in different shits in different technologies with a preference of city.

What if they hate this job?

They appear for F1 VISA and quit jobs if they get visas to USA.

What about onsite chances?

Not all get onsite jobs but all of them get a false promise of onsite during HR interviews. So they use some yard stick to filter candidates to send them to ONSITE. Yard stick is performance. They use it for salary hike also. If no onsite, many jump to other MNCs than to Indian outsourcing companies. 

How do they see work culture in India vs USA?

How do Indians in USA see them?

TOP 10 Outsourcing companies’ TOP 10 exploitation || Kumar Exclusive


TOP 10 Outsourcing companies’ TOP 10 exploitation

examples of Unprofessional Conduct Intimidation or bullying.

Sexual harassment. – Subscribers told on the video interviews.

Rude and loud comments.- Horrible. Offensive and abusive language.

Persistent lateness in joining activities/Interviews/meetings and attending meetings without valid and reasonable cause.

Vexatious litigation, retribution, and violent threats.


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