LinkedIn jobs real or fake?

This is an awareness post for KE followers/friends and everyone out there.

Frequently asked Questions:

How to identify which are true job postings and which are fake?
So many jobs come on linkedin but when he/she applies no response comes. So, are they fake or real jobs?
Please guide. – Subscribers requested!

This is what people are writing daily to KE from the past.

Kumar’s TIPS for the followers: 

  1. Find out what is the Job ID? if no job id, consider it as fake.

  2. Find out who is the end USA client? if they do not reveal it, consider it as fake.

  3. Find out who is the hiring manager in case if you have already worked there. If they do not reveal it, drop it.

  4. Find out from google, who is the American prime vendors posted this originally. Then find out the email id of that prime vendor and submit it directly.

  5. It (step 5) is because many staffing agencies, fake staffing agencies, download the job postings from job portals and re-upload it or send it in emails. They are called illegal layers. They sit between your employer(in case H-1B) and prime vendors to loot or poach your money. Avoid submission to illegal layers.

  6. Please see the below table, US IT recruiters collect average some of the sensitive information from the below 69 rows. NOTE: American top 10 prime vendors do not ask this information.

  7. Example JOB ID:

Kumar posted this on LinkedIn.

One day, 104 votes polled on KE Community wall. 26% said YES real.

Fake: 8%+ 21%+32% =61% almost said jobs and agencies are fake.

Question posted on YouTube.

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Here are the questions posted on LinkedIn.

Kumar posted this on LinkedIn.

Why LinkedIn?

  1. LinkedIn never fetches any job.

  2. LinkedIn is only for networking with people especially if you do not have any green card or US citizenship.

  3. It is for recommendations and endorsements from professors in UNIV in India in case if you are apply for MS in USA

  4. It is for recommendations from colleagues or ex peers to have it permanent on social media for reference purposes as managers/supervisors too leave jobs or companies right?

  5. All LinkedIn jobs are for GC/USC because they do not sponsor H-1B work permits.

  6. Later after 2015, more of US IT night shift batches started in India, US IT recruitment is hijacked to India, now the recruiters brothers and sisters want a LinkedIn profile.

  7. These staffing agencies from India, dumping bench people list, personal details etc on LinkedIn along with many job positing copies from job portals to sit a middle layers if you submit resumes.

  8. If no LinkedIn profile, they would considered your resumes as a fake resume fake OPT, proxy job supporter type candidates.

  9. The advantages are, American vendors share LinkedIn profiles of Interview panel members so that you are aware who is going to take your interview. Where as Indian outsourcing companies, middlemen mafia do not share any information about who will call you for the interview and it is a shock/surprise and magic.

  10. Many Green Card holders and USC Indian Americans and Americans are writing, that LinkedIn is of no use.

  11. LinkedIn is for just connections.

  12. Take any job postings, type that keywords in google and that must connects to a original posted agencies, especially American prime vendors. Otherwise consider it as FAKE.

  13. Why do they post fake job postings? A friend told, Indian vendors try to show off that they have many clients and many jobs opened so they air or float fake job postings.Meanwhile, their bench sales teams from India collect all the following information for their records. Some recruiters are selling these information to another recruiters for $15 is what American media told.

  14. Fake resume people have fake LinkedIn profiles

  15. Most of them from India came here in the past, suddenly become CEOs from QA/Test engineer etc do not write Degree or MS passed year on the Linkedin but they ask candidates degree/MS passed details. Consider those agencies as fake.

Here are the list of items that US IT Recruiters from India are collecting daily from candidates in the USA.

1 Full Legal Name (AS on visa/Passport):-
2 *Passport number:
3 Last 5 digits of SSN(some collect 4, 5, full)
4 Present location (City, State with ZIP)
5 Work Authorization (Indians collect proof of it)
6 Visa Expiry Date
7 Contact Number
8 E-mail ID
9 Skype Id
10 Graduation details
11 Availability to Join
12 Relocation
13 Currently working (Yes/No):
14 Total IT Experience
15 Best Time for Interview
16 LinkedIn Profile (no LinkedIn, profile Indian recruiters consider,  your resume is fake)
17 Job Id: –
18 Availability to Interview:
19 Availability to Start:
20 Vacation plans in first 90 days:
21 Location:
22 Relocation/commute plan (if necessary):
23 Reason for Looking:
24 Bill Rate: –
25 Job Search Activity (active, passive, offers, etc.):
26 Skills:
27 Date & month of Birth:
28 Education with year and university of master’s:
29 Updated Resume:
30 Visa Status
31 Work Authorization (Visa status):-
32 Phone:-
33 Email:-
34 D.O.B:-
35 Bachelor Degree Name/subject & Passing year :-
36 Bachelor passed from (University Name with address):-
37 Current Address with zip:-
38 Total onsite experience, working in the US
39 Overall relevant experience of the candidate
40 Preferred time for Phone/video interview
41 Education details
42 Open for Relocation?
43 On Project(Y/N)
44 Reason for Leaving
45 Salary & Rate
46 Since when a candidate is out of job/looking for a job
47 Available for in-Person Interview:
48 Passport number (old)
49 Passport number (new )
50 Date of Birth (MM/DD):
51 Available to Join:
52 Reason for ending last assignment / Reason for searching a new job:
53 Availability for phone interviews:
54 Availability for video interviews:
55 Open to relocate at your cost
56 Final Interview or Offer in pipeline? (Yes/No):
57 Complete Education Details (Including Bachelors and Masters with which University and completed year when you completed your Degree)
58 When did you come to USA (Month and Year) and on which VISA?
59 If You get H1B Visa,  Mention the Month and year when you approved and when expired
60 If you have any H1B Extensions, Mention the number of H1B Extensions
61 I140 Approved or not?
62 Opn to CTH
63 Interview Availability (3days of submitted candidate with confirmed multiple slots)
64 Experience in Cloud Computing:. Years
65 Experience in Azure Cloud Security  – Years?
66 Experience in Architecture – Years?
67 Leadership : Years
68 Reference 1
Corporate Email:
Designation :
Reference 2
Designation :
69 Reference 2
Corporate Email:
Designation :
Reference 2
Designation :
70 Passport number : Say this “I  am very sorry to provide as it is very sensitive. “
71 2 Professional References : write this” I can provide American boss and team once interview confirmed. Otherwise they do not reply to important calls.
72 No American  references, consider – their experience is fake no matter what.

US IT recruiters brothers and sisters collect this information from India.

If you do not give this information, they do not move forward. Some say, it is to convince their managers, some say, it is client(next layer) wants it.

Some say, collecting all this information is illegal and unlawful as per the law of the land.

Asking all this information is illegal. Layers business is NOT wrong, illegal layers business is wrong.Also they need this: H-1B, I-140 GC, OPT, CPT, H4EAD, US Passport copies etc otherwise they do not FWD your resume to next layer.

Here are the few screen shots for your ready reference. Collected during 2015 to 2020 from the recruiters.

This indicates few things:

  1. US IT Recruiters are blaming “Indians in the USA faking resumes, forging immigration documents hence need to ask everything”

  2. US IT recruiters do not know asking all these information is illegal and unlawful.

  3. Another section of US IT recruiters told KE that some of them are selling it for another recruiters and F1 OPT/CPT in the USA to use this information to re-submit as H-1B/GC/USC to poach jobs

  4. This also indicates that how cheap foreign workers are willing to travel across the USA for low wages

  5. relocation with so many conditions like  submit full ssn/full passport number/all immigration documents while submit resume in multiple layers systems, no vacations for 90 days to 180 days etc, relocate at the own cost etc.

  6. US IT recruiters are unaware that their CEOs also came to USA on F1/H-1B/L1A/L1B/L2EAD/H4 visas in the past and did the same fraud to get jobs in the USA and become CEOs after getting green card/USC.

Kumar’s TIPs for market your resume.


Thanks Kumar.

Those were the emails I received daily (Still do) which I ignore. Even other friends on USC/ GC/ H1B.

A subscriber sent this.

Kumar, I do not have Linkedin profile, but am working in IT for the last 20 years. Do you think, my resume is fake? – A subscriber asked this question.

This man wrote: In Linkedin, some HR people are using film models pictures and asking money for jobs/H-1B visas.

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