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I am explaining about how Indians get money easily in the USA by referrals. It is of two styles or types. 1 Indian 2 American

Indian styles:

  1. Many people earn money or get money by referring you to others. It might be a referring an International student to illegal part time jobs/Indian groceries stores/ gas stations etc. (in other terms it is called trapping)
  2. Many Indians refer newly arriving Indians to AMWAY people, the referral get $500+ for bringing a scapegoat.
  3. Referring F1/OPT/CPT/DAY1CPT from UNIV to any Indian BODYSHOPS’ GUEST HOUSES – the person referred gets $2000.
  4. Some refer resumes of friends or relatives to vendors/prime vendors/illegal vendors/companies and clients. If they get hired, this guy(you) get $1000+.
  5. Another type of referral is, illegal vendors(sitting between your employer and prime vendors) refer your resume to their illegal layers by caste connections or prime layers and some times directly to hiring managers. This is illegal but costs too much money to the candidates.
  6. Sometimes, one hiring manager refer you to another hiring manager at same site and if selected that first hiring manager demand lump-sum from the candidates on the spot or take hourly money.
  7. Indians in the USA “addicted to hourly money” from the candidates if they get hired.

because they collect forcibly from the candidate or candidate’s employers to pay $2000 (min) to $20,000+. In some cases, it goes up to $50,000.

If you try to avoid those referral money to those illegal Indian layers or illegal American layers, they will go to any extent.

In stead of giving you referral money, they charge from you for getting a job offer.


Leaving those Indians referrals aside, coming to Americans styles, Americans are honest and here is the classic example.

American Prime Vendors referrals

If you refer your friends to American prime vendors through the apps, if they get hire, you will get $1000 into your account. 

You can earn up to $1,000 in referral fees per hire by referring your friends using KFORCEconnect!

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“How does it help you”?

You can use it on your mobile device/smartphone to discover new career opportunities for yourself OR you can refer other professionals/friends that may be looking and then get paid for your efforts!

It tracks all referrals you make through the hiring/on boarding cycle so all you have to do is refer another professional/friend…sit back and collect some extra CA$H!!!

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KFORCE is a very good American Prime Vendors and honest, go ahead and refer your friends here. Provided they are not having fake resumes and genuine and working in market demand IT skills.

After you read Indians styles and American styles, please let me know what do you think about this?


Good luck.

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