how much should I get?

how much should I get?

Honestly, if you ask me this question, I would say, “In consulting business how much is your take home at the end of the day matters” rest the “K” which refers by vendors is just thrash. 

Many people are writing so many questions or FAQs. I cannot answer 100s of emails with same subject hence writing this draft or post with an example so that you/they would understand better about your/their picture.

In USA, average 2080 hours work in 365 days with 10 or 11 paid or non paid public holidays. If it is automobile industries, industries may paid well in advance to the prime vendors and it is up to them to donate that money to their employees/contractors as if they paid. It is like in India, Delhi gives money to 29 states, but each state claims it as if they are donating to people. It is something like that.

You need to understand few terms before going to read the job description. In USA, US IT recruiters from India, vendors ref it as “JD OR REQ” Job Description and Requirement. These days, guys testing it in SMS due to free apps and whatsapp. Earlier, google hang outs and gmail and very few use business emails. Some use business emails with fake American names to bluff you as American prime vendors but not Indian vendors.

What is the payment? Hourly or yearly? It is up to the candidate to bargain like vegetable bargaining  in India.  Again it is up to the candidates experience, certifications and knowledge about local wages, prevailing wages if it is H-1B(indentured servitude) and finally demand and supply and your desperation for that job in situations like Covid19.

What is prevailing wage and how does it work?
A. The prevailing wage rate is the basic hourly rate paid on public works projects to a majority of workers engaged in a particular craft, classification or type of work within the locality and in the nearest labor market area (if a majority of such workers are paid at a single rate).
How much are prevailing wages?
Either way, the total hourly wage paid by the employer must be $52.08 per hour for straight time. If the employer is only paying the Basic Hourly Rate of $32.34 as the wages and no other benefits or compensation then the worker is being underpaid.
How do you calculate prevailing wage?
How Are Prevailing Wages Determined? Employers can obtain this wage rate by submitting a request to the National Prevailing Wage Center (NPWC), or by accessing other legitimate sources of information such as the Online Wage Library, available for use in some programs.
here is another example: H-1B supposed to get $45 an hr prevailing wage in NYC but his/her “MOM&POP Consultancies paying him/her $25 an hour under 80%-20% package model or business model then that employers are called “willful violators” as per the law of the land. So if you understand prevailing wages for a role then you will consider those 60-40,80-20 as thrash and employer offer letters with less than prevailing wages figures is a voilation.
Here is the job that a candidate needs to perform.
Client: automobile industry
City: XYZ and State: MidWest
Role Summary: The Security Architect will assure that security principles and company security policies are adhered to in the design and delivery of systems and software.

Years of Experience: 7+ years of professional experience in information technology.

Role Responsibilities
•             Lead and/or contribute to security design of various Cloud and Mobile applications and environments, at both application level as well as the virtual infrastructure level.
•             Collaborate with other teams and departments to fit security requirements with other constraints, such as business requirements or technology limitations.
•             Educate and mentor project team members in areas of security best practice and company security policies.
•             Create and maintain architecture design artifacts such as diagrams and documentation.
•             Interpret output of activities such as penetration tests and application security scans, translating into actionable remediation requirements.
•             Maintain and expand knowledge of best practices and emerging trends in both general information security as well as key specialty areas such as cloud and mobile security.
•             Provide feedback and approval for system and application designs and architectures as relates to adherence to security principles and company security policies.
•             Plan and implement proof-of-concept, pilots, and reference architectures.
•             Other duties as assigned – we operate a small team and require flexibility and adaptability from everyone.

Required Skills:
•             Background in securing cloud systems in theory and practice, including security architecture design concepts.
•             Experience with multi-factor authentication, single sign-on, identity management and related technologies.
•             Experience with vulnerability management methodologies and implementations.
•             Solid understand of intrusion detection and prevention solutions and techniques.
•             Experience with encryption technology and industry best practices for practical implementation.
•             Understanding of application development secure coding techniques.
•             Hands-on experience implementing modern security architectures.
•             Knowledge and practical experience of TCP/IP networking fundamentals and related network security concepts.
•             Solid analytical/problem solving skills with capability to identify solutions to unusual and complex problems.
•             Excellent planning, organization, and time management skills.
•             Ability to inform, educate and influence managers and employees to support goals and initiatives.
•             Ability to work independently with minimal supervision.
•             Excellent verbal, written, presentation and other interpersonal communication skills.

Education or qualification for the job:
• Bachelor’s Degree or a combination of formal education and work experience equaling a Bachelor’s Degree

Subscriber’s experience: Midwest states for full time senior architect role – no real top skilled people will go for 120k. Only H-1Bs(Indentured servitude) and other fake experience citizens will go
If you had GC or citizenship, you will apply for high paid jobs than this $120,000. take hrly 120,000/2080 hours= $57.69 is very less as some money goes to taxes+ medical and take home would be $20-$30. States like CA or NY, $20 an hr is nothing and it sis peanuts to lead a basic life. From India, recruiters or people count it in Indian denominations like $1=75 INR. It is a big number and that is meaningless.
Architect role – full time pay should be 150k and above.

If you take FTE with the client, they would pay $250,000 to $350,000.

So if you are not getting anything between $120,000 to $150,000 then some one is ripping you like anything in the USA, no second questions asked.

Vendors offer

1. Yearly salary on W2 $120,000/-p.a.
2. PTO ( Holidays 6 + Vacation 10)
3. Healthcare for family (Health + Vision + Dental) (Summary attached)
4. H-1B  transfer (If premium opted, $1440 to be borne by candidate) (Many Indian vendors force H-1Bs to pay H1B fees+ premium fees+ H4 fees)
5. GC processing (If Indian vendors, force the Indian slaves to pay $5000 to $50,000 for this) Indian incs, Indian attorneys collect this money as cash- generally or mostly. – non refundable
6. 401K (No employer match)
7. Short and long term disability insurance.

8. Promises so many things here heaven and moon also.

Thanks for reading this and let me know if you are drawing less than $120,000 no matter what your immigration status in the USA. Still the middlemen mafia is eating your money.
NOTE: the above job can be done by local BTECH passed person. As you know middlemen mafia and IT Consultancies avoid picking up any American or locals resumes. Generally,or mostly, they chose F1 OPT/CPT/DAY1CPT/H4 EAD/L2 EAD/E3/TN visas/GC EAD then prefer US Citizen or worst cases H-1Bs. Because if you pick up EAD guys (any EAD) no minimum or no prevailing wages are there for them. So, vendors can save maximum.
Now apply this same logic for all jobs across 50 states of the USA then you will understand better than anyone.
another Subscriber’s experience: H1B will get more than the US Citizen so if the H-1B should 120K the US citizen will be getting like 80K and the H1B around 95K or 100K if at a proper companies like “Indian outsourcing companies”.
But Indian outsourcing companies pay Maximum $70,000 for any job in the USA.

DHS Report on Foreign Students: Lots of Numbers, No Analysis

Welcome to America, middlemen MAFIA. Be careful.

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