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30 years nothing has changed in H-1B. – Norm’s 1998 Congress testimony


One of my good friends Tanul wrote an email in the morning today.

It is about Norm’s 1998 Congress testimony.

Here you go:

He was able to dig Norm’s 1998 Congress testimony which lays out the problem in detail and tells us that the same topics have been debated—repeatedly—for the last 30 years.

you may be interested in the portion where Norm presents testimonies of more than half-a-dozen programmers who had been “shunned by the industry” due to their age. Again, I cannot emphasize more, that this was in 1998. Mind boggling. In fact, I did some more digging and found out that Norm became interested in H-1B because he had noticed the previous guest-worker program—H-1, in place before 1990—being abused as well.

He is not sure if you are already aware, Norman Matloff (Norm) is an exceptional researcher who has studied this topic for nearly three decades. You will be interested in the testimony of a 51-year-old India-born American citizen here, who said he had difficulty in finding work because of his age.

Virgil replied:

thanks, yeah, he is one of the best, and from time to time we have exchanged emails.

he has even written about me a time or two


Yeah, I am aware, the book will mention that.

Sent you this because I find it fascinating *and* perplexing that the H-1B issue has not changed one bit in the last 30 years.

KE: Yes, so sad:  H-1B issue has not changed one bit in the last 30 years

H-1B issue has not changed one bit in the last 30 year.

Crime wins in the USA, victims taken for a ride by everyone(clients/companies/mom&pop consultancies/middlemen mafia, immigration attorneys, proxy mafia, fake resumes mafia etc)

  1. Employers Are Shooting Themselves in the Foot with Their Hiring Policies

this is ultimate

Subscriber called: ABC from IL, who was fired in XYZ because of his age 65.


And yeah, #9 is completely on-point; it is really a comprehensive picture of the whole thing.

Morning a subscriber wrote this on the below post on KE YT community wall: 

P B: 

Kumar garu, while I admire your determination to name and shame these H1B body shops, there is nothing much one can do to stop the growth of these frauds, it is only the American federal and law enforcement agencies who have the power to stop this, so if they are not interested in doing so, that means that the main clients want middle men to keep the rates low so that their wage bill is kept deliberately low.

Additional comments

Good work. There is another strategy to exclude American workers and that is to hire them from campus and offering them jobs in different states. Iam not talking about neighbouring states but here is a case that I personally know. My daughter’s friend who just graduated in CS from GA was made an offer by a large Indian consulting company and when the time came to join, she was told the position is in OH. Now why would the company hire in GA when they could have found a willing student in OH campuses? It’s not like OH and GA are neighboring states Think about it. Isn’t it a clever ploy?
Great work Kumar garu

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