Voice: Indian woman H-1B bodyshops victim

My name is Sarad(name changed) . I always watch all your videos and got this mail I’d from one of the comments

Hope u r receiving my email


Sir we are family of two ( me and amma) my father passed away in childhood then my mom raised me in between with no support in many difficulties as u know how it will be in Indian society ( sometimes people used to make fun of us calling bitches )

But we never lost respect and courage and never took any words to heart


 In 2015 A USA based consultancy named XYZ(name removed) reached me from one of my friends and took 3 lakhs($5000 appr) as h1 b fee . However, they didn’t even       give the client a letter and kept saying there are some queries which need to be cleared and asked me to wait. The day came even my h1 also expired

My problem is one day the consultancy head (name removed) asked me to hand over the fees to his relative in XYZ(name removed) City(names removed) in India.

This is the bad day of my life sir that guy while handing over the money misbehaved (he locked his car door and I was taken to the outskirts of the city . At that moment I thought it’s end of life) He is affiliated with a caste based political party in India. He can influence the police and anyone if he rapes women. I suspect he does often too.

Later may be god’s grace I got tears in fear, he left me away back

due to that now suffering with mild paralysis (with which my father died) sir

I am now Age(removed) years jobless sir with aging mother who in reverse was helping me with all medications from past 5 years

I can lose money but not self-respect sir as a girl. But these persons had beaten on my health and life sir

I am begging you sir how I can get these people get caught. still they are kept doing the same for other people

I had the screen shots of their conversations and money receipt of account I deposited h1 b fee (but they gave me their relative account as I remember ) please help me sir how I can report these guys.

I am writing in the interestts of the public to aware that no women in India should pit fall into the trap of stupid jokers or cimrinals in India who has a relatie runnign H-1B bodyshops in the USA.

Message: Avoid USA, Avoid H-1B, Avoid H-1b matches and Avoid Paying money to Jobs and VISA.


Those who do not know, this is what #bodyshops are doing from 1940s to 2020. Nether India nor America could do anything. Ppl from various parts of India are coming out and sharing their stories not just Telegu states, where it is famous for H-1B frauds or Telugu people famous for H1B scams in the USA. My message is: DO NOT PAY MONEY FOR JOBS OR VISAS. if someone asking money from you for jobs or visas means, he/she is dangerous than to underworld mafia. You lose health, wealth, and everything if you pay money to these Indian “MOM&POP Consultancies in India or USA”.


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