H-1B, Indian IT Mafia bigger than Drug mafia?

What is Mafia?

A mafia is a type of organized crime syndicate whose primary activities are protection racketeering, arbitrating disputes between criminals, and brokering and enforcing illegal agreements and transactions. The term “mafia” derives from the Sicilian Mafia. –Wikipedia

What is Drugs Mafia?

drug cartel is any criminal organization with the intention of supplying drug trafficking operations. Since that agreement was broken up, drug cartels are no longer actually cartels, but the term stuck and it is now popularly used to refer to any criminal narcotics related organization. Wikipedia

What is IT Indian Mafia?

Organised crime in India is a reference to organised crime elements originating in India and active in many parts of the world. The mafia is involved in many criminal activities based in India and international as well. The Indian mafia also refers to those powerful families with criminal aspects.


Indian national convicted of role in call center scam that victimized thousands in the U.S. HOUSTON – An Indian national has entered a guilty plea for his role in operating and funding India-based call centers which defrauded thousands of victims out of millions of dollars between 2013 and 2016.

This Indian Cop Took Down a Massive IRS Call-Center Scam

Indians IT Mafia in USA

IT industry is fastest growing Mafia industry. It has various groups like FAKE RESUME MAFIA, PROXY INTERVIEWS GROUP/MAFIA, PROXY JOB SUPPORT MAFIA, Vendors mafia, H-1B fees collection agents MAFIA, GC fees extortion mafia, casting couch mafia, etc.



He is the father of bodyshops introduced importing girls from India for Sex. This is what many bodyshops in New Jersey practices it.

Techie from Andhra Pradesh is a Kapu Naidu and the superior who allegedly harassed and terminated him a Kamma Naidu. Arbitration date on the matter in US court set for April 2021. HCL Tech offers no comment on the issue.

Telugu people from Andhra Pradesh and Telanagan especially Chowdary AKA Kamma, Kapu, Vysyas, Brahmins spoiled entire US IT environment.


Here you go:

Last decade, several Indian and non Indian victims are writing emails/making calls to KE. Based upon that, KE posted this question on social media. H-1B, Indian IT Mafia bigger than Drug mafia?

Each Indian is connected by caste or language or region of India. That is NOT bad. What is bad is, ripping them by not paying salaries, cheating them by collecting H-1B fees, GC fees, not returning the money, giving them fake LCA, fake H-1B copies, fake W2s, harassing them, threatening them, bringing them to prostitution either at USA client work locations by Indian hiring managers of outsourcing companies or GC/USC FTE ppl. Even in Indian resturants or bars, F1 Indian girls working as bar tenders are touched physically by customers and owners encourage it for dollars. Illegal part time jobs for $5 for F1, H4s, not paying that cash, none can dare to report it, same case with fake resumes F1 opt, cpt, day1cpt help up with bodyshops for not paying them salaries for 6 months. If they ask salaries, blackmailing them for proxy interviews etc to reveal it to clients so those student workers calm down. Indian hiring managers hire by caste and asking in experience fake resumes ppl to their houses for cooking, cleaning and sex after work hours etc. The network of Indians in USA and India is very huge. For example, if any US IT recruiter comments on KE channel or any where on social media, within minutes he/she gets a call to remove it otherwise his/her bodyshops owners get that information and that person will be fired from the job. Indian bodyshops warn, physically abuse F1, H-1Bs H4s in the USa and none complain because of fear of going back to India apart from losing projects, immigration status etc.

  1. If you are coming to USA on F1, unaware of MAFIA, someone who came to airport to pick you up will introduce you to a broker who shows illegal part time jobs. He/she gets a commission from your salaries as cash.
  2. Someone takes you to amway, you lose $500 to $1000 but the person gets a commission.
  3. Someone in your UNIV seniors take you to casting couch for on campus part time jobs, he or she gets a commission on it.
  4. Several ppl told, already Indian caste based groups formed to do all kind of illegal things.
  5. Your seniors or classmates in UNIV only take you to a bodyshops as uncle or aunt companies but he/she is not relative but it is to get $2000 referral money.
  6. Indian recruiters working from India are three types, one type is trained to TRAP you from UNIV to consultancies guest houses. In case if you miss the above friend’s traps.
  7. Once you enter bodyshops, they check your caste. If your caste does not match with the owner of the bodyshops they do not market your resume on priority basis.
  8. They do not even file H-1B also for you. In case pick up H-1B in the lottery, they do not file Green card also.
  9. You will learn all kinds of criminal activities here while in guest house with the bodyshops.
  10. See the below 7+ models of these Indian Incs aka BODYSHOPS aka “MOM&POP” Consultancies aka human trafficking agencies

Now Types of H1B Employers(bodyshops or “mom&pop consultancies” in USA:

1) Have Job – Need Candidate – Free Visa – After Job – Kick Out After Project

2) Have Job – Need Candidate – Paid Visa – After Job – New Job

3) No Job  – Candidate Needed – Paid Visa – Place Candidate – After Contract Marketing For New Job

4) No Job – Candidate – Paid Visa – Bad Market – New Skill Training Provided – Placed

5) No Job – No Client – Candidate – Paid Visa – Poor Skills – Skill Upgrade – Proxy – On Job Support – God Father

6) No Job – Candidate – Paid Visa – Bad Market/Poor Skills – No support – No Bench Pay – HELL
7) No Job – Candidate – Paid Visa – Caring/Friendly Monitoring Marketing – Suggestions – Still Not Placing Warning – Bench Pay By Candidate to Save Visa.

List goes on!

No Indian Inc file H-1B for free. May be 1 in 10,000 consultancies out there who files H-1B with their money and still rub h-1B premium fees on the heads of the candidates. No Consultancy file Green card free, their Indian attorneys and consultancies charge huge money for this. On top of it, these consultancies and immigration attorneys staff holding GC-Labor, GC i-140 copies with them. Of course you can get through FOIA. These consultancies withdraw GC documents from USCIS if they do not like you but these guys never  return the GC money at all though they did not even start it.

There is another type of consultancies – very dangerous:

They are specialized in trapping people who are staying above 60 days grace period and rip/rape them like anything. They do not pay salaries but experts in giving fake paychecks, fake W2s and they operate fully with their gmail accounts and fake American email ids from India. By the time USCIS or DOL or IRS catch them, they shutdown websites and open the new shop. they hold 6 months to 1 year salaries. Many Telugus Kapus espepcially , “settibalija caste” people in New Jersey are experts in this.  ” Settibalija people are derived and referred from “Ediga” Caste in olden days , whose main occupation is Toddy Tapping from Palm Trees (“Tati Cheetu” in Telugu). The other names are Goud, Srisayna, Yata.” Very horrible, they spend money lavishly in Vegas but do not pay salaries to employees.

Americans are not exempted from this looting business.

Here you go: Reviews for American vendors: any American vendors who accepts resumes from 3rd party, you can suspect them as fishy and avoid them. Majority American 3rd party vendors in NYC are bogus. Because that 3rd party eat $65 an hr cut from your salaries. Americans vendors also learned illegal things and corruption from “mom&pop” Indian #bodyshops in the USA. Thanks to America for allowing this crime successfully. Vendors scrutinize candidates resumes and back ground checks. The same way, you as a candidate verify any vendor before you submit your resume for any job. Everybody acts innocent until proven guilty. Don’t think that all Americans are honest but majority are following rules because of the schooling. Americans learned crime from Indians in H-1B pimping business for sure.

After watching this, do you think Indian IT Mafia is bigger than Drug Mafia in Mexico and USA? Courtesy Matthew Bonness Illinois bodyshops: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/… Bodyshops that received PPP: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/… H1B Dependent companies: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/…

Someone wrote this to me, Indians renounce the Indian citizenship to get USA citizenship. why do we people in India have to feel proud for that?

59% said – Yes and 15% said economic terrorism.


Generally, Indian vendors harass/threaten and do extortion in the USA. So, avoid Illegal vendors in the first place (anyone between your employer and prime vendor is an illegal guy) otherwise they run away with your salaries. If your employer practicing such things, then your employer is also a willful violator. change your employer asap. USA laws could do nothing to slaves or victims and USA protect these criminals with PPP funds. so be careful when you send your resumes to anyone. If you have an EAD (any EAD) you do not need any employer, you can work directly with USA clients or prime vendors. ask illegal layers to get out.


Several H4 EADs wrote emails that vendors are not paying them salaries. Vendors forcing them to work in this model as long as they are in the USA: Illegal vendor-> prime vendor-> USA client. If they break the chain after 18 months also, they wanted to sue her. Victims are Indians and accused are also Indians and none coming FWD to complain to USCIS nor sue the USA client, and two criminals.


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