H-1B Bodyshops stopped H-1B EAD

Mom and Pop consultancies stopped #h1b EAD. They are now trying to stop anything that benefits H-1Bs.

They do not want F1 to get H-1B, H-1B to get H-1B EADs. Because they do not want cash cows, milk cows, golden ducks to run away from their clutches.

That is the true colors of fat mom and fat pops.  video on this lobbying to block H-1B EADs. Indians with Green Cards and USC behaves like that.

H-1B is a temporary worker visa or permit given for 3 to 6 years. One must exit after 6 years. To bypass this rule, if green card labor is approved, can stay forever in USA on H-1B. Once i-140 approved the second stage of GC, H-1Bs supposed to get EAD but it was stopped by Indians as bodyshops loses money from H-1Bs. Meanwhile H4 dependents of H-1bs got H4 EAD. Majority Indian immigration attorneys, bodyshops collect money for H-1B fees and GC fees and holding these i-140 immigration documents.

So Indians with gc/USC are biggest enemies of Indians without GC in the USA.

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