VOICE: Students experience- Toronto, Canada

Canada Bodyshops Model: basically an employer can be anyone, who has PR or citizenship and started a business/bodyshop.

Our Indian people especially Telugu and Punjabi community people, once they get their PR/Citizenship, they register a company with a fake address.

It looks everything legitimate where their registered company can be seen in Govt website, but they just run payrolls for people and in the name of training and coaching centers these people run body shops and it’s a huge network.

These people take 35% in the first year from your paycheck and 30% second year from your paycheck. That is A LOT of money. They take strict contract from innocent people that they should not reveal and if revealed, they will go to any extent.

Students have to go through this and no choice except go back to India or home country. Average sincere person can never get a job in IT in Canada.

KE has haters in Canada it seems. They are mostly Bodyshops and that is the reason they are afraid of KE. But there is also another section of the group who support KE in Canada.

They wrote “Please do not stop your channel.” Million thanks again for your efforts

Indians students struggling to work with way less money and after giving their share, struggling to survive in this country. No one knows except Indians going through this phase in Canada. It’s heartbreaking that their people in India do not know anything about Canada.

Lobbies are so strong in Canada just like in the USA of bodyshops in the USA, that they can rip like anything. Unfortunately, these people majority of them are from Andhra and Telangana states of India.

It is unfortunate to say that we are Telugu people.

Average 1-bedroom apartment is $1700 CAD. And yes, the amount of people moving from the USA to Canada and coming from other countries is a destination for everyone out there but unfortunately all jobs, industries, factories and mainly SME businesses are going to the USA. And that’s how unemployment in the USA is historically low.

But there are jobs in Toronto and at the same time there are huge influx of people in Toronto. Other places in Canada cannot live in extreme climates like the photos placed in the below a sample.

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Jan 18, 2020, 11:28 PM
It’s -44 here. City has declared state of emergency. Not easy to survive which is been projected in India or any other country out there.

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