H-1B & Caste

Americans do not know what caste is. For them to understand, KE is writing this post. Of, course many Indians in 150 countries do not know what is happening in the USA? Especially I.T. Because they have been trying to come to USA on H-1B visas but Indian Incs with caste charging them money and not doing any favor unless caste equates. 

What is CASTE? 

Caste is a brick in the wall of Hinduism. If you take out bricks, the wall(Hinduism) will collapse. But same times each brick is attached to another bricks, the same way, each caste attached to another sub caste but same time hate other caste. The attachment is to fix the wall but detachment is to NOT to unite to strengthen, same time not to depart from wall of Hinduism to showcase. The same way each one hate the other but same time they want to show as one group “HINDUS” to other religions Muslims and Christians in India. Though in democracy, nobody is minority or majority but all are equal because every one breathe same air and blood color is red.  I hope I have explained well in case if you do not understand it, here is another example, Caste = Carnivorous in 2020. So it does not matter upper corona or lower corona right? the same way, upper caste or lower caste does not matter, caste is a caste.

Who is superior? who is inferior? 

Over a period of time, in India and Indian diaspora “Indians living outside India” and Indian mindsets feel that ” I am from upper caste” superior feeling and “I am from lower caste” inferior feeling is what Indians are carrying it to all USA clients work locations successfully. In fact, Indians who came to USA from 1940s to 2020 came with two suitcases 1 Caste 2 Corruption or crab mentality. So they have started all caste groups and regional or language groups and all hiring taking place in those groups with adjustments. Anything left over jobs goes to open market and fools try with fake resumes and proxy interviews. I am not exaggerated this. In fact in 2009, Silver Spring Maryland, an Indian hiring manager an Indian sister came to me and said, Kumar do you know anyone in QA? There is a position opened in her team. Evening I forwarded one of my friend’s spouse resumes. You know what she said, the job requirement and the position is closed in the first 45 minutes itself. I did not understand and she explained this: Indians working withing this building, sent 100s of resumes of their cousins/siblings even before it reaches the designated prime vendors of the USA client. So you can imagine the speed of the network bandwidth of Indians “caste”. Many jobs open and closes in the blink of eyes.  

Hinduism has 5 major castes, 25000 sub castes. Each caste guy treats or illtreat the other person as subhuman. In this given context, Americans either white or blacks treated as untouchables by Hindus in USA. Irony is, every Indian wants an American boss, but every Indian hiring manager does not want to hire Americans because of caste, casting couch, corruption, layer companies etc. In fact, KE has come across several client locations that Indian outsourcing companies, Indian hiring managers with Green cards or USC firing Americans, African Americans to hire Indians by language that they speak, caste that they belongs, region that they belongs to India. Example, India has 29 states and 16+ languages so Telangana state person wants to hire Telangana state person, Telugu/Tamil/Marathi/Malayalam speaking people want to hire that language speaking people only. It does not matter to them that they are violating EEOC rules. In fact, KE questioned some of the Indians hiring managers at various client locations, why are you not hiring Americans? You know what they said? “get out”. You cannot complain to management or bodyshops because everyone encourages this trend as everyone shares foreign  workers salaries.

2020 Caste at CISCO and HCL cases 

That is what you might have recently read Caste and Cisco news and another one HCL same NAIDU caste, KAPU vs KAMMA are fighting at the Client locations. Kumar received several stories of Chowdary aka KAMMA vs Reddy caste fighting in projects hiring’s etc. Of, course Brahmins vs Dalits at Cisco CA and across the USA, Brahmins vs Brahmins, Dalits vs non-Dalits, converted from Hinduism to Christianity H2C also harassing other caste people which is not comes into limelight yet. KE is exposing that.

The Cisco Case Could Expose Rampant Prejudice Against Dalits in Silicon Valley


EXCLUSIVE: After Cisco, HCL’s US unit faces lawsuit for sacking employee based on caste


KE placed several videos on the Caste in Kumar Exclusive Channel.

KE aired his google voice number for the first time in the history of H-1B to rescue/save/HELP H-1B victims from these caste based Indian bodyshops and corrupted and crooked Indian hiring managers. 

KE received many calls from Reddy caste people. He told Chowdary aka KAMMA caste hiring managers fired him in Detroit MI. Then he returned to CA to look for another job there. Chowdary caste, Vysyas caste, Reddy Caste, KAPU caste, Velama caste of Telagana, hiring only their caste people. In fact, in the guest houses, crowded with F1, H-1Bs, the recruiters are advised to market resumes of their own caste people first. Other caste people, they do not file H-1B for F1/OPT/CPTs, do not file Green Card for H-1Bs etc.

Voice: Kudos to you – few suggestions by Subscriber – read this to know what is going in caste groups in the USA and behind the scenes of Indian layers mafia.

Voice: Kudos to you – few suggestions by Subscriber

TRUTH ABOUT CASTE-PART1 || Kumar Exclusive

Chowdary Caste kills Dalits 


Reddy caste kills Dalits




Indian mentality explained by Kumar Exclusive@USA

Kumar posted polls on YT/Twitter and Linkedin on the same topic:


66 votes of 106 votes polled says “caste” based hiring in the USA.


This picked up from the Twitter. Otherwise if you go to any place where it operates by bodyshops or outsourcing companies or states like NJ, WA etc, you do not see Americans at all.

Bottom-line is, Vedas are the main source of Hindusism. Vedas never utter the word “caste” but varna. People claim that one Mr. MANU introduced the caste system like divide and rule but caste is nothing to do with Hinduism. Vedas are ultimate dharmas on this planet. It preaches “help others without expecting the returns”. This is what KE is doing though videos – creating an awareness about Indians crime in the USA and confronting it without expecting anything.

Solutions: No law can fix it unless internal transformation taking place to kick out caste from the minds and hearts and souls otherwise the world will pay huge price for this. I think already 20 million Americans paid price for this one word “caste”.

Thank you for reading this post/article. Please let me know if anything else is missing to add here.

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