Fake resume – one of the KE Subscribers analysis

Hi Kumar garu,

Below are the points as per my analysis:
1. How does a job work?
A worker does work, presents his work and gets salary and stake in a company as share etc. As part of work a worker maintains relationships with colleagues and increases his reputation in the company by his/her impressive behavior.
2. How does body shop/fake resume business work?
Since a body shop/fake resume gives instant reputation by bumping up resume to 6 or 8 years. Here also behavior with colleagues needs to be impressive which means a more experienced colleague may ask (directly or indirectly) for a few dollars from inexperienced contractor’s pay or physical favors or candidate with his energy, good behavior and talent may win the colleagues hearts and secure a place in the company, some time become a full time employee eventually – this is what the body shops call impressive behavior (positive or sometimes bad/negative way of impressing). Sometimes due to whatever reasons even full-time employees also get into physical favors, we never know.
Let me tell you that when I was in the USA I was targeted by the FBI because of many reasons like arguing with university head, some business owner where I was illegally working and confronting the vulgar behavior of reddy’s who were majority in the college at that time. And the FBI came and installed secret cameras wherever I was living, recorded my conversations on the phone. So the FBI can bait anybody anytime. They are silent in the matter of fake resumes because they don’t consider it a threat but an added economic activity which boosts their GDP by increasing economic activity in the country simply by IT jobs.
Coming to the IT Clients…All they need is somebody who can deliver the bare minimum work either by getting it done by somebody or themselves. These IT companies who get contractors think contractors can be given some pressure to deliver since they work under deadlines unlike full-timers who may need not be so competitive..if a person has good communication skills or impressive behavior (good / bad way) like mentioned above..they eventually get full-time in the company and enjoy secured job. These points are purely on my observations and experience while I was in USA.
Coming to legal aspects…majority of the clients don’t destroy any fake resume contractors life by going to court unless something serious happens.
3. Role of Bodyshops and why they have the upper hand?
…few know how to break the law and get away ..They have money..nothing else (maintaining client relationships and all is bull crap..even a candidate can get full time easily with 6 months to 1 year experience if he is talented and tries every possible option while applying jobs)
Hope these 3 points add some vigor to the conversations with anybody who has questions..

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