What is lack in India/Indian manager?

KUMAR EXCLUSIVE  I appreciate if you could address the issue rather than my cap and its color. The reasons, I have asked people names to see them in the linkedin and if it is not there, resumes are fake. Secondly, you address Indians crime brother. If Indians have talent here, why it is missing in India? The living conditions of Indian slaves and slaveowners in the USA. Also Indian US IT recruiters working conditions in India H-1B slaves vs slaveowners house in USA http://kumarexclusive.com/2020/08/25/h-1b-slaves-owners-house/

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  There is Indian talent in terms of coding and building great products, but we lack the skill in coming up with a good product. I have seen great Indian developers, but never a good Indian product manager. This is because of Indian culture, lack of visionaries. It is changing. Slowly by slowly, it is becoming better. I feel outside USA and Ukraine, India has the best tech hub, with great vision and good engineers. But USA is leaps ahead. But it is better than rest of the world.  In terms of money, they are making 30-40L. which is quite comfortable salary in India.

30Lkah INR = 40,409.61 United States Dollar

KE appreciate this gentleman who has come forward to write truth.

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