Please answer these questions before sending my updated resume.

Please let me know who your direct client is?

What is the hourly Billing rate C2C h1b?

If they are not submitting directly to USA client means; they are going to submit it to friends/spouse companies of layers (chain continues) for cuts.

So, avoid layers.

REPLY THIS; I do not work under layers.

Regarding; In person or F2F/Face to Face interviews

I do not attend in person interviews or F2F interviews if more than 200 miles from my current location.

I attend in person interviews if more than 200 to 1500+ miles provided you pay the bills if NOT selected.

I do not provide “passport number.” This is wrong/illegal to ask from Candidates for the resume submissions.

Layers create problems.

Indian outsourcing companies release payments once in 45 days to 60 days.

These middle layers jump with that money, and your poor h1b petitioner will NOT pay any salaries.

Layers shout/threaten/harass/insult/discriminate/humiliate/do extortion of your money by degrade you etc.

These middle layers talk about your performance and performance appraisals etc., where the client gives you say good.

Middle layers kill time and ultimately no interviews nothing.

Finally, submit only to top 10 American PVs or local or American Prime Vendors.

It is because they strictly follow USCIS rules and do not entertain illegal players which take $45 to $65 a cut per hour from your paycheck.


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