Life in America 2013 experience

Life in America though very painful and handwork and work, but during course of Life here I learnt many things in short span of time. I prefer to stay in American’s house rather than with Indians, it’s because they respect me and my religion and vice versa. The only disadvantage is like they plan every thing ahead of it and giving ride is not possible for me as I don’t have a vehicle.

One thing is true on the earth: Human rights violations are extremely high in India and unfortunately India is a Man dominated society like Japan, where women is not respected. It is odd believe, but its fact.

For me, America means Life and Life is easy here provided work and weather are stable. Those two are very uncertain, some of my ex. colleagues got message in same time to return laptop. Economy is so uncertain here and they just returned the laptop and ID card and left the client place. It was first time, I was crying at my desk in Maryland and ex. Colleagues advised me don’t waste time and start look for another project and drive towards that state/city. Life is that tough here. Every thing is self dependent and self and work centric life and may be that’s unfortunately some Indian by compulsion we need to stay with them is very painful as they count every penny.

When comes to work, Indians use foul language including the Top notch companies ( I don’t want to name them here) otherwise work is wonderful and I am leaving client where I met all most people from all most all parts of world, because, the client has world’s biggest medical manufacturing unit here hence fortunately got exposed to all these different professionals.

I misunderstood when I was in child hood, America means English but there are people work here without knowing English, It may be French/Spanish/Mexican etc.

Believe it or not, this is very much true: we Indians individually excellent in India and out side India and score wonderful marks with Client/customer but we get very low scores in c-sat. It may be due to lack of standards followed within folks/groups/communication (some times guys don’t read emails also) or it may regional feeling/caste/color/creed and crab mentality we carry where we go. If you think that I am wrong here, it would be fine to understand that, because I am writing this from the other side of the globe. If you stand here/step into my shoes, probably you would also write the same.

But some are very great, that they transfer knowledge/money to put me into the client location and they give heart to support friends and it was shocking to me to meet such a great people.

I can guide my friend who ever wants any HELP from this land.Please let me know, if you have any question.

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