A best friend advise

A best friend advised me this:

Kumar, Thanks for checking with me on this. Here is what I’d do, if I were you.

1. Focus totally on network administration, including unix and linux administration. I know there are too many NT guys out in the market, but not too many in Unix/Linux.

2. If you don’t have an opportunity to work on unix stuff, install linux/ubuntu on your pc and play with it and take any certification courses from local community college.

3. You can work on DBA stuff, if you get an opportunity somewhere where you get hired as a permanent employee. While being a consultant, you don’t want to be on training wheels always.

4. Don’t worry about PMP for now, at least for next five years. In case you’re not aware, PMs are available at dime a dozen (Paavalaaki Iddaru) in the market nowadays. Instead, focus on improving verbal and written communication skills, so at the end of the day, when you send a note to anyone, there should not be a single spelling or syntax error in it. This is the first and foremost pre-requisite, if you ever want to be a senior consultant/employee or a team lead, leave alone a project manager.

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