Youth Status in India

Youth Status in India 2013

THE UNEMPLOYEMENT IN INDIA is a MAN MADE (Politicians Made) Calamity: 

1. Politicians and their family members announce new Engineering colleges. Some political party leaders announce BTECH Fees Free for students as a part of hidden conspiracy to grab votes in the name of subsidies or FREE schemes.  

2. In Some states, politicians announce FREE LAPTOPS to YOUTH to grab votes. 

3. No one seriously attempted to fill the gap between Industries or Engineering colleges. 

4. No technical surveys on Industries for Market Demands Vs Newly Opening Technical Institutions and Engineering Colleges. Politicians are more interested in Construction of Buildings rather than Building Career for Students. 

5. Where the world is going? And Where India is going? Does any Education and Employment Minister in India look at the Education System in the West Vs India?

6. Millions of students pass out every year from colleges & universities with less sign of light or do not foresee any career start hence every year the passed-out students have to leave abroad those who can afford it. Students who get through campus selections ok, otherwise students need to stand in line/long queues for hours together either just to drop the resume or register for a test. 

What about rest of the students who cannot afford it?

7. Neither Mr. Modi from BJP Political Party nor Mr. Rahul from Congress Political Party least bothered to addresses Serious national issues which unemployment is part of it apart from poverty, infiltration, inflation, domestic terrorism except religion and personal targeted HATE speeches on LIVE Media or Public meetings. 

8. Corruption is HUGE, HUGE money kept outside India in Banks of these politicians and money is NOT at all problem to INDIA, but it is purely bad governance both in Center and State. 

9. Employment Industries + Educational institutions utterly failed in India is also one of the reasons to push Students on streets after BTECH or college education to look for career whereas in WEST or America, opportunities knock the College Education graduates. 

10. We hope things will CHANGE in 2014. We advise this young generation to Get Self Motivated and Self Ignited. For Jobless Youngsters: Do not despair and lose hope. Be hopeful, optimistic, be righteous and walk wisely. Do not fall as prey for the politicians. We see in News channels everyday; all these politicians are teaching hatred and giving hate speeches to promote severe separation in people. So called political leaders are giving only dishonesty, lying, wickedness, hatred, jealousy, envy to everyone. We are designed by God to help each other and love each other. Live in peace and pray with patience. 


Friday, November 15th, 2013 from New York

Youth Status in India 2017 deteriorating

The below is in circulation in social media from last 6 months.

USA produces around 100,000 STEM Grads per year for a $ 16 Trillion Economy. India produces 1500,000 STEM graduates for a $ 2 Trillion Economy. If there are so many Engineers in India, there must be enough demand to pull them in, that is not the case. The earlier mass recruiting sector was manufacturing. It used to recruit from the core branches like Civil, Electrical and Mechanical. Unfortunately, Manufacturing is stagnant at just 17% of the GDP. So the core branch placements have become very difficult.

The new mass recruiter is the IT sector. It grew from scratch to almost 5% of the GDP in 25 yrs. IT employed millions of STEM graduates or we call Engineers in India.
Now, IT is also coming to saturation. The only good Skilled IT Engineers are in demand.
If you look at the spectral composition of Indian economy, most of the sector do not need engineers.

Tourism is 10% of the GDP, does not require engineers.

Financial sector, Trade, Hotels and Restaurants do not require engineers.

Requirement in Health, education, Agriculture is almost negligible.
More than 50% of the GDP has no role for Engineers.

Still most of us are becoming Engineers. The current situation is not sustainable.
So the demand is less while the supply is high. Over and above this, skill level of an average engineer is poor. I say it is non-existent. Leave the top 100–200 colleges including IITs etc.

You will find that a fresh engineer has no idea of what s/he has studies. Indian education is purely theory based and no lab or no practical labs.  If you ask a fresh mechanical engineer, can s/he design a simple frame?
Today the situation is that most engineers are working in a field that has no connection to what they have studied in the college. This is a waste of resources.
Engineering degree does not come cheap. It costs about 10-15 lakhs. (100,000 to 1500,000 INR) For poor parents, its a huge burden. When their son or daughter is not able to secure a job, they are devastated.
For the nation, you can calculate the loss. Leave around 100,000 engineers that NASSCOM says are employable. The rest 1400,000 engineers have each wasted 100,000 INR of fees. That totals to around $ 20 Billion which is almost equals to the Government’s spending on healthcare. Over this, there is loss of human capital.
We need to re invent the wheel for engineering education system. Cut down on the number of colleges and improve the quality in the rest.
Also students should explore other career options than to blindly becoming Engineers due to pressure of parents, peers, relatives, and society at large.
So, share this to your relatives / parents / 12th pass students and save their huge amount of money being wasted.

Good article- too many private engineering colleges since 2000 and Fee reimbursement scheme since 2005/6 made things worse when many new private colleges were more interested in enrolling people and collect fee from government. So, anyone who passed inter and “qualified “became engineer without proper skill set including soft skills. That is why BTECH passed are applying for attendee jobs in India.

Example: – EAMCET in Andhra and Telangana together have about 250,000 -300,000 writing it – about 150,000/200,000 get some rank and qualify — 20% of this would be about 30,000/40,000. This 39/40000 04 another 10000… say 45000 have good potential …. rest 100,000 struggle to even complete engineering. Similar thing in TamilNadu/ Karnataka/ Maharashtra where private colleges are plenty. India has 29 states and 7 union territories. Each state has same number of engineers it is producing without bridging the gap to industries.

Indian Incs employees’ salaries so sad.  If I were corrupted on day 1 of landing, I would have returned with 3 crores. I feel sad that am honest, fighting wrong doings. I told my kids; do not touch truth, honesty subjects in life. Yes, we work, because we did not have humanity, human work culture, no labor laws, no dignity of labor, too much arrogance bossism etc. I have seen people like PVRK one in 5000 IAS officers. Etc. Hence we can easily destroy any developed nations work culture. My friend in Satyam, 2010 his wife, daughters crying when I visited his house in CT state. 24 hrs work culture. Upon advice he quit Indian companies, joined Indian Inc for GC and to choose clients than to suffocate with Indian Companies USA and India work hours, little happy. Nobody is speaking does not mean, truth is hide.

Indians are cowards, they do not speak since am speaking daily people are writing am negative. If am negative, why would people of America elect President Trump to kick Indians out? Extremists and Indians destroyed America Dream. A doctor from Delhi wrote an email about it

Hinduism and Indians need to focus on fundamentals – treating all equally

So, getting job is almost impossible in India for BTECH.

USA, 76% stem grads doing non-IT jobs, recently an article says

Here 187,000 Indian students, 85000 H1Bs, L1, H4 EADs, Green Card, etc poaching American jobs

20 million Americans displaced, their children working in star bucks, McDonald etc

Things are horrible. I literally feel am eating American’s bread, food. There is a crime behind every business in USA. India failed to do products-based companies. India Failed to create jobs

So sad. Earthquake or some natural calamity only solution for this population.

It is a fallacy that we poach their jobs…. we work for cheap and for long hours and they don’t. So cos prefer non Americans and everyone knows the reason that’s why despite all the public drama they look other way – everywhere it is same – in Andhra Priya’s and Biharis take all jobs at throw away wages … even in high end Medical line same story …Oriya doctors are w long to work for 15000 pm and we don’t.. so almost all multi specialty hospitals’ like Yashoda have more Oriya and Bihari than Telugu doctors … after ten years they stabilize and set up own practice and we grumble.

True but Do not have too much sympathy and best yourself. you work 15 hrs. That fellow does not 15 hrs.  You work for 50$ . He wants 140 as per law to be relevant in market, you constantly learn and upgrade and do courses. He does not. So, u get job. He does not. Feel good that u r beauty him in competitive market rather than have misplaced sympathy

uscis, law says 8 hrs work conditions plus min wage $25 to $45 an hr, all Indians breaking it

How do you support law breaking? That is your perception. Reality is different sir

One honest hiring manager came to me with proof in a bank, how corrupted our guys

Another bank, Telugu manager told, he does not like black skin person hence fired and hired me

How worst our guys are. Reality is we are dead cheap fellows, our salaries sharing by all

If I replace American 120k drawing, I get 60k. Rest of the 60k, Indian hiring manager, delivery manager of Indian companies, employers are taking illegally.

Truth, I feel ashamed to be an Indian because Indians asking bribes in USA client’s sites

After firing Americans, human nature is seeing we see what we want to see and hear what we want to hear. Constant cribbing and looking g at negative will only make u bitter and negative. Not a good frame of mind. That is what I say, earn money is aim no matter what

Be cheerful and leave world for others to set right.  

Love, marry an American to avoid Indian middle layers (Indian Incs and Indian companies)

13 projects, at least 25 Indian managers drink my blood and urine for dollars, idiots.

H4 told, Indians have no heart. When my Indian employer sent cop to my home. See how worst our Indians are

Indian friend told on day1, vendors our guys are bad people

He told you when you were here, our guys eat too much money

RCA: root cause for this; People elect criminals by caste, region, religion, language, and various nonsense reasons than to elect honest and sincere educated persons. Hence, they rule India like this, and we blame President Trump for immigration policy changes on h1b etc. Indian attorneys, Indian Incs CEOs spread hate, fake, false news against in WhatsApp when President Trump elected. Indians in USA spread that message in WhatsApp to spread hate against President of USA in social media. America has A to Z visas, and it is America’s problem and right to change whenever/whatever they want to. Indians in India are not beggars as many nris cry here for small changes in USA immigration policies etc. None of them here love to return to India for India’s Prime Minister MODI’s MAKE IN INDIA but want to criticize President of USA for his policies to safeguard his nation from extremism. 

Thanks to Krishnamurthy solleti, few others contributed from Bangalore/Mumbai/Hyderabad in India.


2017 New York

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