Why did President Donald Trump use Buy American and Hire American slogan? H1B-Epi429

Why President Donald Trump did raise America/Hire Americans First slogan? H1B-Epi429

American readers/Displaced Americans wrote to me;

Hopefully because the President of USA realizes so many Americans are losing everything when they do not have a job


Sir is there any possibility of doing ms in United States…these days


One of my friends from Bangalore India opted Canada to USA after watching reality from my videos. He is happy there doing MS and doing part time job off campus legal in Canada for 20 hrs a week. Problem in USA is getting job with genuine resume and getting h1b picked up in his lottery is not guaranteed. So, I come across many who opted for double MS or MBA and some returned. Worst case, many approach Indian Incs to fake resume to proxy interviews to forge legal documents. They questioned me, what to do? Politicians in India doing crime, so what? Back home loans so we do crime are the replies I received. Is it for MS in US, they have come for? Where and what is America Dream? Aim for good scores, aim for top UNIV still those guys wrote, getting job with genuine resume is herculean task. It needs a gut to speak truth so you can understand the truth now. Good Luck and do well. USA welcomes merit, talent and respect them.

Also read this. Inside the Growing Guest Worker Program Trapping Indian Students in Virtual Servitude http://www.motherjones.com/politics/2017/09/inside-the-growing-guest-worker-program-trapping-indian-students-in-virtual-servitude/


Yes, it is. All US govt officials and congress were bought off by India Incs and NASSCOM. India Incs are organized crime.


I wanted to ask a question; What does USA LAWs do when nobody stops at STOP sign? Same thing happening in H1B pimping business. 100% Indian Incs posted a question to me, it is wrong with USA Laws and h1b employees but not accepting that they are abusing the h1b book rules, instead they are blaming the Book and Rules. Same Case outsourcing companies while h1b contractors begging them for an h1b extension letter to USCIS RFE or evidence. Even Indian hiring managers on H1B/GC/US Citizenship also refused to give and breaking laws but no shame in taking bribes per hour from H4 EADs/F1(opt/cpt) and h1bs at sites. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO FORWARD THIS TO ANY AMERICANS WHO CAN BRING THE CHANGE IN THE SYSTEM to help genuine people (Americans, locals, and any).


Everyone thought Trump would change it since he promised to do something about it during the election. Almost one year and he’s been totally silent. Nothing is being done, as usual. It seems Indian Mafia and India Incs are totally untouchable, and they can get away with whatever they want. No one will stop them or arrest them. India Incs are huge, organized crime in America but they are allowed to operate free without govt even doing anything. WHY IS INDIAN MAFIA ONLY ABOVE THE LAW? All other lawbreakers are PUNISHED.


American media must investigate and answer this question.


they will not because US media is run by same banks and corporations who want the cheap labor http://www.rense.com/general75/skilled.htm


True. But only MEDIA can access it to expose but not individuals.

One thing is Indian outsourcing companies pay huge bribes (in USA it’s called lobbying but in India it is called corruption) to acquire outsourcing projects by replacing locals (anyone born here and local workers). Otherwise why would kill locals to give projects or jobs to some company which is unknown? A friend in Edison NJ questioned me, what Info/TCS/Wipro doing broker job, he can also do, what’s so great in it? True, all are doing middlemen or broker job by forward resumes and taking huge cuts/commissions. Same time, they are not taking care of their own employees well as Profit is GOD to these companies. Irony is none of these h1bs or Indians speaking due to fear of losing h1b. Project, GC and deport them by companies or body shops. Some even molested too. Who will report? Despite risk my life and making videos, daily several Indians involved in this crime, writing filthy and threatening messages to me by “KILL”. See my brothers and sisters learned this after doing MS in US. It is because their interviews attend by someone; their jobs are doing by proxy by others from India or local for $2000 a month. There is no end to it, it will continue like this.

PERSON A Also read this; http://www.rense.com/general75/skilled.htm

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