KE Discussion with Vijay

Picture: Mr. Vijay, taken by KE. In Conversation with Kumar and Vijay.

Date 04/02/2015 of the post:

I met Vijay today, he is friend to one of my peers Mr. Ravi working in NYNJ.

Mr. Vijay is visiting from North Carolina to New York and New Jersey for one day. He studied Bachelor of Engineering in India.

I have asked him why are you here(USA)?

He says nothing great, talent and because of time he is here, in USA.He worked in India and U.K for couple of years in IT before coming to USA.He moved to USA three years ago and working in management roles. I congratulated him for receiving his Green Card in EB-1 category and working in senior management roles. I have asked him if any thing to share with students and international students:

He said he learnt most of the stuff from friends while in schools and college in India, later from YouTube, Companies, MNCs that he worked for.Focus main and continuous learning, communication skills, upbeat in market.

He also shared working in offshore is very tough and coming through them (Indian MNCs) is easy here otherwise one must be prepared to swim with sharks until become master of survival here if come through Indian Incs.

America prepares the person to elevate to creamy layer as people from various nations arrive here and competition is global otherwise the person will be drowning in the ocean here. He also received RFE(Request For Evidence) and exit USA to Canada for a visa stamping and re-entered USA.

It was nice meeting him.

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