Indians work culture in USA

2017-09-19 21.02.30 – I wrote this or saved this picture from my Facebook page. This page was deleted without a copy of backup upon the demand of the Indian company.

90% of Indians hiring managers are corrupted and Crooked-H1B-Epi 430


Most of the Indian Managers are adamant, head-weighted, disrespectful, and rude toward other Indian non-immigrant workers like me and other colleagues of F1/H1B/H4 EADs etc. They act very bossy and show superiority over to intimidate people like me. Indians managers look down and belittle individuals like me to satisfy their ego. They take pretty things very offensive. They are always very impolite and ill-manners to their subordinates. These crooked and corrupted Indian hiring managers need a lesson. Indian managers with Green cards and USC are bossy and arrogant like IAS officers in India, NOT all but only a majority.

Majority Indian hiring managers have layer companies so they hire through their spouse illegal layer companies though against USCIS rules. On top of it, these guys have Indian restaurants, market about it and force Indian teams to eat there every Friday.

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