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KE: People crying for #h1b ban never talk about H-1B abuse. These people are disgrace to USA for not hiring Americans.

David Cohn:

You just described 99% of the media / journalists in America. They cry about the ban and never say a word about the intense abuse / exploitation and inherent racism that exists in the American system where immigrants in consulting that come from developing nations are paid 25 to 50% less than similar Europeans here on the same visas.

Subscriber: Everyone wants Indian American votes it seems

KE: I went to some programs; there local Indian Americans came to educate Indians.

They said 50% of Indian Americans do not vote.

Another person told, the rest of the 50% always vote for Democrats.

Sub: about Biden.

But he personally feels he should overhaul the H-1B system and get the wrong doers out of the system.

He still does not understand how a fresher student just completing MS suddenly becomes highly skilled and expert in his field to be eligible to get H-1B Work Permit?

To apply for H-1B which is for highly skilled professionals there should be at least 5 yrs of mandatory experience in the same field. Freshman should not be eligible for H-1B application till he/she acquires 5 yrs. experience. This is his opinion after seeing this H-1B mess. What do you say?


MS suddenly – most of them I met till now, their argument is one and the same:

1 he/she paid huge money to UNIV in USA so he/she must deserve H-1B

2 He/she pays more taxes than H-1B so he/she must be given preference

3 He or she did MS here so Outsourcing companies’ employees did not, so they deserve it

4. If you pay my college/UNIV fees, he/she will leave the USA today is their argument though they earned 3 times for 27 months OPT/CPT/DAY1CPT time.

It is an excuse for their crime. except in genuine cases, some even returned to India and did well without bringing the above 1 to 4 argument lines.


Strange arguments 🤦‍♂️

No one has asked or forced them to come to the US and spend money on education. It was their own decision so why did others pay for that?

Same thing for other H-1B also when they comment on changing immigration rules in the US. No one forced them to come to US on H-1B. If one has come it is his own choice and he should face benefits or problems that come in the way. Why do they blame the US for that? 🤦‍♂️

It will one day become a “camel and Arab” story.

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