State Dept. OKs 100,000 Extra Green Cards for Foreign Visa-Workers in 2021

According to KE, Americans are getting confused either to believe the President Trump or Democrats’? Because the current administration is about issue green cards 100K for Indians. This will benefit Indians and Americans are against Indians getting green cards as already 75% of lion share is take by Indians in H-1b quota. How is this MAGA? is their question.#H1b is an employer tied up slavery visa where employer can play football with his/her employees. Technically the H1-B book defined H1-B as indentured servitude. GC definitely benefit Indians but Americans are afraid as more and more Indians get green cards will be threat to children of Americans as Indians take over USA client FTE jobs and same time more and more Indians will start H-1B bodyshops to cheat Indians by abusing USA laws and immigration laws.
Twitter: Neil Munro@NeilMunroDCState Dept. offers 100K extra green cards (& citizenship) to reward foreign visa-workers for taking jobs from US graduates.This helps Fortune-500 CEOs recruit more visa workers for US jobs. Congress & GWH Bush created the law. Trump’s options are unclear

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