Man Arrested on Charges of $21 Million H-1B Visa Fraud Conspiracy

Indians arrived in the past to USA having green cards and USC by naturalization are doing crimes like this. NOT ALL BUT ONLY A MAJORITY. THE USA laws failed to implement just like in India hence one in 100,000 Indians are getting caught and still their H-1Bs get approved because spouses run shows for these criminals. “Women and diversity” Unnumbered victims are writing emails/calling Kumar from the past few years as they know that USA is least bothered about cheap labor(Indians) hence the slave masters can rape or beat them and none open the mouths due to fear of going back to India. careful with these shops in case if you’re coming to USA on non immigrant visas(SLAVERY VISA). These are all called vultures in American language.

Indians(on slavery visas)in USA, get their customers (clients), but to work with customers (clients) victims need a work permit called #h1b . Indians who arrived in the past acquired by hook or cook these Green Cards have “bodyshops ” INC registered on their spouses names only can file H-1B for any “BODY”(not dead body but alive body). So these brokers along with Immigration attorneys hold H-1B papers, payments, GC papers after collecting $10,000 H-1Bs fees which is illegal unethical and unlawful. India media failed to expose these criminals and yesterday one of such criminals out of 600,000 arrested here. Do not pay money to any criminals for h1b visas. Because you lose money. You don’t get visas, if you get visas, you have to poach Americans jobs in USA. These criminals arrange fake resumes, proxy interviews and proxy supporters and take back your salaries for that. Be away from criminals especially Indians bodyshops. These criminals becoming rich by eating H-1Bs salaries, PPP funds, collecting H-1B, GC fees $10,000 to $50,000 and vanish. If you trust Indians, you are dead because Americans do not collect these amounts, pay $100,000 salaries weekly. Hence Indians prefer USA clients FTE jobs but not others. good luck. Speak up because silence is NOT an option.

Subscribers comments: Shame on these desi people. Bringing shame on other hardworking Indians in the US

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