How do Indians get cheated by Indian Incs?

Let’s see an example or a case.

Suppose an IT Worker or professional working in India for 10+ years as an Architect. As you know in India, no labor laws enforced and hourly pay rate is $2 for 9-14 hrs a day, including SAT and SUN. That person wants to come to USA by looking at the IT guys working at onsite. If his/her outsourcing companies cannot send him/her to USA, he will approach the middlemen in a place called “Ameerpet” in Hyderabad and deposit $10,000 cash without receipt to the siblings of the ceos of Indian Incs operating in USA. USA VISA is 100% LUCK and once visa issued and arrived to USA, he/she will be kept in a Guest house. Guest house means, 15-50 H-1Bs or f1s kept in a two bed room apartment in USA. He/she is not allowed to go out without ceos permissions or the criminals managing this center. Either he/she cleared the client interview on his/her own or ceo arrange proxy interviews and charge $2000 for it, $2500 for guest house rent per month. He/she does not know what is prevailing wage or any wages of H-1B. This jobs(below) local PW would be $135,000 in one state and some jobs offered by Americans corporations $150,000 to $250,000. Based upon the skills.

Title: Office 365 Architect

Location: Chesterbrook, PA

Rate: 130k/Year+ benefits 

Exchange + O365 Onshore / L3- need to be 365 Exchange Architect

But he/she is paid only $45,000 to $75,000(in outsourcing companies cases of H-1Bs). So you can imagine how the Indian employers eat money along with middle illegal layers and layers. Layer business is NOT wrong, breaking prevailing wages and wages is wrong according to USCIS.

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