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H1-B BODYSHOPS aka Consultancies aka Indian Incs received PPP

Bodyshops that received PPP:

H1B Dependent companies

Illinois bodyshops:

Here are the latest numbers on the H1B #BodyshopBailout.  I found a couple hundred more companies by further refining the search algorithm.  We now stand at 1,700+ bodyshops that

received $1 billion – $3 billion in forgivable PPP loans.

This will conclude (for now) my research into bodyshops that received PPP.

For reference I am including below the state threads about individual bodyshops that got PPP loans (and a few that didn’t). Matt

USA : The Treasury Department and Small Business Administration on Monday disclosed the names of businesses to whom they have lent more than $150,000 as part of the Paycheck Protection Program. PPP loans are well-intentioned loans given by US treasury to save the jobs amidst the Corona crisis. Government offered loans and then waivers for businesses who are able to retain employees during this tough time. After digging through the list, we found that a number of IT consulting companies (who have majority H1B  on their payroll) have applied for these loans claiming they have saved all the jobs. It is up to the government to see if this is legal or not, but you can check if your company is on this list. First set we’re listing $1M and above loans, $150K – $1M we will be updating asap

Read more at List of IT Companies – PPP Loan recipients –

If you’re on F1 visa or H-1B any visa violations both the USA and people in USA ready squeeze blood. I wonder last night while going through 666,219 rows of shops, stores, bodyshops(Indians call GODs) claimed money but fired #h1bs, took leave letters from H-1Bs and what not? So if business people do crime, America reward them but if individuals break laws because of their petitioners, USA punish them. What kind of immigration laws? My Country India government office laziness and bribery is much better than America, sorry this is truth. Indians I know doing crime in USA becoming super rich because they have bodyshops and can not even type or speak in English. They have criminal backgrounds in India too. something is seriously wrong and fishy in the USA.

Someone wrote this to Kumar.

Hi This is an informative and also a little sad that daylight fraud is being committed and they are getting away with it I can throw light on their strategies and how cleverly they evade the rules and hire H1bs even in this situation where millions of Americans are out of jobs Maybe we should connect.

#bodyshops Indian thieves, not all but only a majority eat PPP Funds. These thieves also eat #h1b employees/subcontractors salaries. These thieves ask resumes fake or not while submitting to another thief. These thieves check your performance at USA clients after working through multiple vendors and Indian outsourcing companies as PV. I thought there is a defect in Hinduism hence these hindus bodyshops are doing crime but surprisingly there is Indian Christian, H2C(hindu to Christian conversion batch) also doing crimes by collecting #h1b fees $10,000 from Indians in India, USA. These thieves also eating PPP funds. My question is, then why do these thieves ask full SSN, passport numbers, H1B,gc,OPT,CPT documents? before submitting to another illegal layers? Does it make any sense?

Something is seriously wrong with the parents of these ceos or body owners parents, teachers in India. some #caste or defective teachings or DNA is the RCA Root cause analysis.

In America, first you thought that whoever comes to airport is your God to receive you. either if you are on F1 or H-1B. Later you realize that person is the biggest thief who drags you to Amway, guest houses – pimps residence owned by #bodyshops. Later whoever FWD your resume you may think that is the God
or next to god but he/she is another pimps broker who takes $25 to $65 an hr
cut just FWD your resumes. Shockingly some Americans also learned how to do
illegal things, corruption by Indians in IT & become illegal layers to
poach money, especially NYC. So be careful whom you are FWDing your resume. If
you FWD your resume to Indians or anyone, then you are gone. within minutes,
they make 100s of similar fake resumes to place their F1s in the guest houses.
All these jokers claimed as CEOs on LinkedIn but if you visit their palaces it
is filthy. Because their employees unpaid & dying in guest houses 25-50
members in 2-bedroom apartments. This is what Indians call IT consulting
business which they are doing it from 1940s, but from 1990s it has become famous.
Nobody check your resumes, any immigrations documents if you are the owner of a
guest house or bodyshops. But if you are F1 or H1B, America & Indians with
GC,USC screw up your life. Kumar is writing this to save your life.

H-1B Body-shops New Jersey

Here is the New Jersey thread unrolled

I rewrote all of the PPP data viewing options this morning to a table format to make it easier to view on a computer.
and added the ability to search by lender.
should make ya’lls research easier.
feel free to share with anybody that needs access.

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