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H1B Synopsis

H1B Synopsis

Dear All,

I have explained in several videos about H-1B.

H-1B is an employer sponsorship but not employee.

Here are the scenarios.

1 Your employer is ABC and the client is XYZ (example).

Now client in USA XYZ wants to you come to onsite

then your employer ABC can trigger a Business visa if it is short time.

If it is a long time, employers can sponsor L1A or H-1B sponsorship provided the client XYZ in the USA gives a letter to the employer.

For your knowledge, I wrote a letter but there is a term called PO or MSA is the right word.

The above is an outsourcing companies’ model.

2 Consultancies model.

Consultant A in New Jersey gives a fake letter to Consultancies B.

Now consultancies B file H-1B to applicants in India by taking 5 to 10 lakhs and tell USCIS that applicant C has work at Consultancies A (fake).

After that applicant landed in the USA, provided in the VISA interview not detected it is fake then he or she will look for a real client by submitting resumes to clients.

the majority are doing this, and I never recommend this model.

From the 1940s to 2021, Indians are doing this. 1990s it has become famous and Indians infiltrated massively, and they call it as Green Cards backlogs.

3 Another model.

As a candidate, you place a resume in monster (provided your employer HR do not see this on job sites, if so, they will suspect that you are leaving the current job).

Recruiters will approach you, especially Americans.

Ask sponsorship if they do a free fine.

Otherwise you apply directly on all USA client’s sites/career and select need sponsorship to work in the USA.

Many contacted me who got jobs like this way also.

This needs patience, persistence, and lots of jobs that you need to apply for.

For Example, 10,000 jobs in 3 months’ time if you apply, not sure even if you get 1 or 2 calls.

KE (Kumar Exclusive) recommends this model to all 200,000 F1 International students of any branch in the USA. Those have focus, vision and interest in life followed and got USA CLIENT FTE. REST pits fall into the TRAP of Bodyshops aka consultancies aka pumping business owners guest houses. They, in turn fake their resumes, proxy their interviews to lip sync for male and female and proxy job support deduct $5000 to $10,000 for that process. This is illegal and crime, but Indians are getting jobs like this way very easily. If those F1 OPT, CPT, DAY1CPT leaving those criminal employers to USA clients FTE at the same client locations, these employers blackmailing them to reveal their fake and felonies to USA clients and dragging them into casting couch, prostitution and what not? Because KE is exposing this, exactly here, KE followers turned haters and started video channels to counter this. It is because they have consultancies in New Jersey and Texas etc. If their students follow my videos, it is a threat to their business. Also, Indian recruiters, some but not all, warned International students at guest houses, not to watch Kumar Exclusive videos on H-1B topics.

I have been telling the below in several videos and writings and hope you missed it.

Here you go:

• H1B Synopsis

• FAQ: I am in search of H1B sponsors, can you help me. It is really a need now

KE answer:

• Brother/Sister you should not look for brokers (h1b petitioners). You should look for USA client’s interviews. If interviews are cleared, brokers (H-1B Petitioners) come forward to file free. Otherwise you are going in an illegal way.

• H1B Synopsis: The H1B Visa Sponsorship program is a Company Sponsored Work Permit with no cost incurred to the candidate. It is a Visa that will be sponsored when a company in the USA desperately needs employees from out of the country due to scarcity or difficulty in finding required technical expertise. But during that time our Indian companies made it a commercial business and created a market for H1B in the USA. Now Majority of US based companies who can sponsor H1B are charging the Visa Fee from the candidates which is illegal. The companies had to turn out this way because software people in India highly crave to work in the USA for better living or better income. So, now it has become more of the candidate’s requirement and less of employer requirement. This is the scenario: Absolutely there is no wrong in seeking US employment and looking for someone who can sponsor a US work Visa. But if you are highly skilled and have rich experience and special expertise in software technology, then surely there will be a company who can do it for free of cost for your talent and also because they need you. Again, this technical talent has gained a lot of competition and it is hard to find a job in the USA with a sponsoring company. So, candidates are coming in-front to pay off their Visa fee and get their Visa applications filed by eligible US employers. The cost of Visa fee varies from employer to employer depending on the size of the company and the attorney they hire to file your Visa petition. It could be between $2600 to $6000.

• If the employer collects a fee from you and you do not get picked in the lottery, they could refund your fee based on the terms you agree with them. Normally, H1B companies deduct the cost of attorney fee and refund the remaining amount if your petition is not picked in the lottery. The best advice is to find an US employer who can do it for free of cost by requiring your skillset. We strongly recommend this because it is legitimate and risk free. If you have any questions or doubts, please feel free to write to us. But Please do not write to us if you just require some knowledge or Information about H1B. First, we recommend you go through my pages (deleted now), videos in Kumar Exclusive YT review our articles and watch my videos. You will get maximum ideas and knowledge. If you still have further questions, feel free to approach me and am happy to help you out. I do not associate with any educational and placement agencies either in India or USA.

• Note: 90% of Indian Incs in USA and their family members in India are collecting $10,000 or 5 lakhs INR from the applicants(F1/OPT/CPT/H1B) and dream America aspirants. Both paying and taking h1b fees is crime as per USCIS. If you come across such guys, please share their information and proof of asking h1b fees. Let us expose those criminals on this page and report to the US government.



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